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Football Conditioning

Hello everyone, I recently moved to a new state and signed up for their freshman football and have done well so far. I had 2 years of midget football before I came and that’s nothing like frehsman football. The plays are different, learned a new position (3 years so far, all different positions).

Right now I am a fat lineman who is around 200 lbs. at 23-25% body fat. There is 6-7 weeks left in the season and I plan to start dieting down in the off-season and bulk up in the in-season.

Right now I am looking for someone to help me out with off-season and future in-season advice. I have a good idea of what my diet should look like, think I got that in line. Supplements are just whey protein, multivitamin, creatine, amino acids, and B vitamins.

My training is the part I’m trying to improve right now. I planned to do one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s training workouts. 6-day split working out each muscle 2x times a week. Found in the Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. I don’t have the book now (lent it to a friend), but will have it in a few days.

Thought that it would be good to use that with a new diet, slimmed down focusing on the three main lifts. Bench, squat, and cleans. Right now my weak point is bench and cleans right now, my legs are my favorite body part and by fat the strongest so that’s what has helped that get so high.

If someone wouldn’t mind helping me out through the season looking over my training and diet would be a great help. Motivation would go right up!


First of all, dont do arnolds 6x a week program. You’ll burn out, very quickly at that. Choose a program from here, they’re geared more for humans without insanely good genetics or juicers, or both.

Search for “Tabata” on here, and incorporate it!

I don’t think I’ll burn out like that on the beginning plan. Doesn’t look like it would would kill you with a good diet.

Got links to the workouts or examples?

the best advice I ever got from a “coach” is run,run, and then run somemore. When the fat comes off then u can start with strenght training.

Chad Waterbury’s ABBH program


CW’s The Waterbury Method



Also, as previously stated… Tataba is a great way to lose fat. And find out what the real meaning of pain is.

Why would you pick a standard bodybuilding program if you’re an athlete? Pick something geared toward athletes. WS4SB is a good choice.


Or maybe Thibaudeau’s Renaissance Body Development:


Or something by Coach Davies:

WS4SB looks good.

I think I’ll try that and get a routine going.


A couple of things.

  1. Why are you slimming down in the offseason? I know being in high school and a little pudgy is a pain in the ass, but the offseason is the best time to bulk up and make some gains. In season, you’re not going to bulk up . . .I playted at 5’7 195, and by the end of the season, I’d be down to 175 without fail, and usually a little weaker, even though my lifting stayed about the same.

  2. West Side would probably be good, but if you’re a lineman, I think Waterbury’s TBT would be solid. You don’t need to worry about your speed quite as much . . . though, if you do go that route, make sure you’re getting some football related off day work in. Run your rope course, sprint hills, run bleachers . . . it’s all good. Just make sure your feet don’t get slow.

  3. Deadlift!

  4. Deadlift!

  5. Cleans are also a great exercise, so it’s good you’re focusing on them. And, if you have it in your weight room, make use of a machine that is sort of a standing bench press . . . it simulates the burst off the line pretty well. We got one my junior year in the offseason, and I felt like it was a nice addition.

  6. I’m serious about not slimming down in the offseason. Bulk up. I go to Virginia, and our guys do all their building then, and then just do maintenance work inseason. Football kicks the shit out of you, and lifting sucks, before or after practice.

Good luck man. I hope all goes well for you. If you lift right, you can be a solid player, even when you don’t have the natural athleticism. I sure as hell didn’t have it, but I worked hard and somehow managed to start at center at my size.

The only supp. you need to take is the multi. Get your diet right.