Football Conditioning

Joe- You are truly an inspiration and role model for soon to be strength coaches.

I trained my brother last summer for his first year at the D3 college level. We really focused on power and explosion as well as creating postural balance. He plays linebacker and went from 6’0" 185lbs his senior year in high school to an even more solid 6’1" 205lbs now (1 1/2yr later). He wants to be sure to add a bit more conditioning work this summer. What is the best way to do this while still focusing on increaseing maximal strength and power??
I am think about adding a drill at the end of SAQ sessions I call “THE PLAYMAKER”- the athlete drops into pass coverage and as I drop a cone at any area on the field he breaks to the cone full speed and then drops until the next cone is dropped, trying to react as fast as possible to the cone dropping just about 7-10 cones are dropped. IS this too aerobic in nature? any other thoughts??