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Football Bar vs Multi-Grip Swiss bar

Hello guys,
We are about to buy either a football bar http://www.repsdirect.net/football.html or a Multi-grip Swiss bar for our gym http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&pid=2468

Some people say football bar is better other say Swiss is better. I will really appreciate your help if you can give me some opinions or even some of your practical experience with either of these bars. Any help is appreciated.

Sava S.S.

I’ve never used a “football” bar so I can’t comment on that. But I have used a Swiss Bar.

I love the swiss bar. I really like to use it for overhead pressing and close grip bench pressing. It obviously has a lot of other uses, but that is what I primarily use it for. In the past, I had a tiny bit of shoulder discomfort when doing these movements, but since using the swiss bar, I never feel any discomfort. Seems to take the pressure off my shoulders, feels like a more natural movement.

Obviously, I can’t advise you on which to buy, as I have never used a football bar, but I will say I love the swiss bar. The EFS swiss bar looks and feels like it has been very well constructed and seems like it will last for a long time and take a fair bit of abuse.

i have used both bars, and i must say i liked the Swiss bar much much better…the angled handles on the football bar made certain excercises awkward, but the swiss bar is awesome! great to use now and than for all sorts of exercises, i would definitely go with the swiss bar…also, doing bent over rows with a swiss bar is excellent…because you can hold it like a DB because of the hanldes and really load the weight up on it nicely…definitely an awesome piece of equipment

Thank you guys I really appreciate your help. All the best to you. Anyone else :slight_smile: wanna give me a hint.

Sava S.S.

I like both alot, but I like the football bar better, the swiss bar handles are very long and if I dont get your hands right in the middle, the bar wants to be very unstable.

T think either one will really help your training, i would suggest go with the cheaper of the two.