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Football Bar Angled Grip for OHP/Bench?

Hi All,

I have a nagging shoulder issue thats been getting better but I want to keep doing OHP and Bench while rehabbing, had a question related football bars or multi grip press bars.

With the angled grip they allow for OHP or bench movements that are easier on the shoulders mimicking dumbell angled grips for the barbell, but in terms of muscle fiber recruitment or “gains” are these grips worse than the traditional horizontal or barbell grip? Thanks!

Nope not inferior, they are a great tool. the variety might even be better for new a bit of new gainz

If it allows you to train while undergoing rehab, then yes it will help very much, especially if the alternative is not pressing.

I have an angled Swiss bar and I really like it. Coupled with setting the bench to a slight incline, my cranky shoulder feels great.

I have a chronic shoulder issue and the Swiss bar has been a revelation. While I will never bench heavy again, I can do some decent load on the Swiss bar. But the bigger bonus for me is its versatility.To illustrate, here’s where I’m using it on a weekly basis:

  • close grip bench
  • rack pull ups
  • rack rows
  • wall press (I roll the plates up the garage wall. Feels like a Smith machine)
  • skull crushers.

Everyone with a home gym should have one of these!

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skull crushers good call didn’t think of using that for those. I like trap bar OHP when my shoulders are acting up as well.

Absolutely, I have one of those and you can invert it for a fine neutral grip press. Another movement for both trap bar and Swiss is the straight-arm pullover. I admit I don’t personally like it that much for lats as I get a much better mind muscle connection using a DB.