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Football Approaching

Football is approaching fast and im glad, but i was wondering if anyone would have any cardio routines they would like to share to get me into shape so two-a-days dont kick my ass so much. Thanks

Check out this site for sprint work and HIIT training. Remember, you will be doing two a days. Your conditioning needs to be at the level you want it to be prior to football camp. During camp, you will not have the time and energy reserve to condition yourself.
Doing so will lead to overtraining, impaired concentration, energy depletion, and worse injuries. Seek the help of a good NSCA certified strength and conditioning coach. Preferably someone who has or is working with field athletes and has at least five years of experience. Good luck!

If you can, check out charliefrancis.com. There are some good threads and posts on conditioning methods to prepare yourself for double days. Search “tempo” to start with. What are you currently doing right now? Post a sample week of weights, speed work, etc to give a better idea.

You want to be ready there is no doubt. I came into camp 2 years ago unprepared and was injured 3 days in because I was out of shape–strained a hamstring and was nagging me the rest of the season. (had to rest for 3 months prior due to a back injury-- kind of a bad situation!)