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Football and Weather

I admit, I was one of the ones who thought there was no way Tampa could win at the Vet this past Sunday. I thought the combo of the ferocious Eagles blitz, Donovan McNabb, and yes the very cold weather, would kill them off as in the past. But alas, I was wrong.

Okay, so tell me, does cold, windy weather affect visiting warm weather and dome teams? Or are we going to say that Tampa finally broke that trend?

I think weather is a huge factor, as evidenced statistically. It seems, though, that this Tampa team can weather the weather better. Maybe they’ve been practicing in meat lockers.

I believe it does, look at miami, 7-1 at home and 2-6 on the road. At home we are a force. On the road, we’re not. 5 of the eight away games were played in New England, Buffalo, New York, Denver, and Green Bay - all cold. This is a constant problem for the Fish. They dominate in the heat and wither in the cold. c/s. I think the Bucs showed that they were the better team. Personally I think it’s time they got the credit that they’ve deserved all season. I hate Warren and Co. but Don’t be suprised if they waltz into SanDiego and stomp a mudhole in Gannon’s ass.

The weather wasn’t the biggest factor to consider in that game - the biggest factor to consider was whether or not to use the QB that got you to that point or to use the overpaid guy that sat the bench injured for half the season.

Why they used McBucks for that game is beyond me, and what the hell was wth the string of screen passes to acheive 50 first downs in the last 2 minutes of the game when they were down by 17 pts? Have some balls and go for broke. it wouldn’t have mattered if they lost by 17 or 31 pts so they should have done something to try to close the gap.

the whole thing was ridiculous and I was really surprised that the fans didn’t burn the stadium down after the game.

At least they booed the halftime entertainment.

We were outcoached. We lived on the blitz all season and didn’t blitz. We pull Hugh DOuglas when they go with two tight ends so they put two in all game. We throw 7 yd. passes instead of first downs. Guess what TB has a great pass defense. It’s even better when you only have to cover 20yds. of the field. I am a diehard Eagles fan and hate TB but you have to give them credit. They were better prepared and better coached. Brian Mitchell was one of the few Eagles who came to play. Next year is going to be interesting. Unfortunately as a Philly fan I have been saying that for 30 yrs. The curse continues.