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Foot problem! No squating!

Any body ever sprain their foot, I just sprain my top part of my foot playing V-Ball yesterday. Went to the hospital for x-rays, came back fine so I was happy. But I was not happy to experience day two pain, people are telling me I would have been better of breaking it. Have a doctors appoint next Tuesday, but the Doc at the hospital said I should take at least two days from work to keep it elevated and ice, I am currently at work. Don?t listen very well. Worst part is no Volleyball or squats probably 3 to 4 week, worst case 6 to 8 weeks, ouch! Any one got any positive stories to raise my spirit?? How do you strength the top part of your foot, I did not even know you could sprain this part.

Try this. First see a real Sports Medicine Doctor. Have him or her refer you to an Athletic Trainer. Have him or her tape your foot. A good figure eight and a basket weave should provide the support you need while you heal. You will have to keep the foot elevated and conduct regular icing. Best of Luck.

look while in college i sprained both ankles while playing basketball. I had to go to the hospital for both occasions. One has permenant bone chips and the other one was diagnosed with tendonitis. Don’t worry, have patience and they will heal. I have been squatting ever since they healed so don’t fret. I do not believe that breaking bones is better the sprains. just allow time to recoup properly and just focus on some decent upper body gains for now. laters pk

sorry to hear about the accident.i too play volleyball competitively and do all my weight training geared towards improving my v ball game.tuesday nite where i play in cape cod,someone had an ankle injury just like yours and had to leave.usually some idiot who doesnt know how to play is the culprit.i have no idea how to help that injury of yours.i sprained my thumb badly about a month ago when i fell backwards on someones sweat pool on the floor.i am still sore and have a hell of a time passing overhand without pain.never realized how much you need that finger!anyway,best of luck with your recovery…russ

Fortunately I’ve never had anything other than a minor ankle sprain but I’ve sprained my left foot twice (the part you are referring to). Both times it was one of those things that seemed to heal really quickly but also one of those things that seemed to get irritated and flare up again even as long as 1 year later. Use Ice frequently and give yourself massages in the area (unless you have someone else to do that for you). Once it starts to feel good work on flexibility and always warm up really well before doing any kind’ve activity and you should be fine.

Try toe raises, they might help (when your able that is). Stand on a 45 lb plate and just raise your toes, when this gets easy, put the plates on the ground and work your way up. A calf machine would work too (standing backwards) Keep the reps somewhat high to work the tibialis