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Foot Position While Squatting

I heard this from my dad when i was squating a few weeks ago and just remembered it. He said that if you have your feet touching eachother,completely straight, it will really work your outer thigh more. And that if you feet are in kind of a V shape it works your inner thigh

I was just wondering if this was true, or if I should just continue doing them with a regular stance.

I know that I’d tip-over in about 2 seconds with a stance like that.

If I were you, just use a shoulder-width or wider stance. Squatting in general will make your legs grow, so don’t mess with it.

You’ll certainly work your adductors more if your legs are further apart and your feet are pointing out.

As for squatting with your feet together, wouldn’t that compromise your stability when you’ve got a heavy weight on your back? I suppose it would also work the quads more than the normal stance.

I tried to squat with my feet together and I was surprised because I didnt lose my balance but then again I squat 115 so I guess its harder for those who squat like 400

He just told me where he found it too and it was in the book “Arnold Shwartzanegars: Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” so if anyone has that they ill find the page number

Very narrow stance probably does work the vastus lateralis more. More importantly, it’s harder on your knees and you can’t lift as much. Also, having a vastus lateralis that overpowers your vmo is probably bad for knee tracking.

The idea behind narrow stance squat seems like it’s sound, but it doesn’t appear to be worth it IMO.

It’d be a good way to completely destroy your knees, that’s for sure.

I’ve been lifting for a while and have never heard of or seen someone squat with feet touching each other, sounds dangerous.

If your trying to emphasize your quads, try using a narrow stance, feet about 8 inches apart, pointing strait ahead with a 25lb plate under each heel.

For my money, front squats are a safer alternative to the same goal. :slight_smile: Brutally hard, too.

Play it safe on squats. If you want to vary your stance to hit different parts of the quads, play around with foot placement while doing leg presses.

Alright guess ill just forget that and squat regularly

Thanks for the advice everyone

Actually, doing squats with your feet together is a really old school way of doing it. I forget where I read this, but that type of squat is what Americans used to do before they learned better from some European folks (I’m talking about early 1900s here). The feet-together squat/deep knee bend built a lot of great physiques in the past, but when the normal squat that we’re used to now came into use, the old type got phased out.

Don’t have the sources on me, but I believe I read this from one of the books on www.sandowplus.co.uk.