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Foot Position in Squat/Clean/Snatch


@CT should your foot position in the front/back squat match your foot position in the clean and the snatch to make the pull from the floor more powerful or is this a myth?

What is the reason some people get knee pain front squatting and not back squatting?

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My belief:

In the DEADLIFT your feet position should match the stance you use for snatching/cleaning

In the FRONT squat it should match the stance in the CATCH position of a clean/snatch (which is normally wider than the pulling stance, as the feet re-adjust outward on the way down)

In the BACK squat it should match the stance you use in the jerk (which is normally either the same as the catch position of a clean or slightly narrower but still a tad wider than the start position of the clean/snatch)


Well, if someone use more of a low-bar/powerlifting squatting motion where the hips go back, it's normal to put less stress on the quadriceps, thus knees.

In a front squat the knees travel forward a bit more, the quads need to produce more force and the psoas/hip flexors are stretched more. All three of these elements can contribute to soreness in the quads and tendon inflamation which can sometimes be perceived at "knee pain".

I feel that getting sore knees from squatting is often a sign of improper mobility.