Foot Placement/Squat Question

When I squat…I feel more comfortable and better balanced if my right foot is about 1 to 2 inches farther in front than my left. What’s up with that? I hope it’s not me and maybe the wall of the gym is misaligned!

It’s most definitely got to be a crooked wall…

I’ve noticed myself doing this a couple times though. Can’t explain it.

I hate when the Bench isn’t parallel to the ceiling tiles or A/C duct’s… It really throws me off.

Not that it has anything to do with your question. Sorry.

I hope you’re right. But I’ve worked out at 2 or 3 different branches of my gym and it’s the same…weird. It doesn’t FEEL like my right leg is further in front.

I would imagine it’d be quite awkward to do a squat with a foot a few inches ahead of the other, so I would imagine it being the crooked walls or appearance of inequality.

Same thing happens where I lift sometimes, too.

How many lbs are sou squatting for like 8 reps?

I would think if you were doing heavy weight that you’re body wouldn’t be able to successfully do a perfect formed squat with your feet like that.

If your feet are too narrow or straight forward some people tend to move one foot more in front of the other…I believe as a balance issue.

My general cure for squats is to go slightly wider than shoulder width and slightly point the toes outward. For the most part people feel more balanced and can lift a little more weight.


Its could be an imbalance in strength between a muscle in one of your legs. and you naturally compensate by moving one foot in front of the other.

concur w/ DG people tend to go narrow because of “I want crazy outer sweep thing.”

wider w/ toes out a bit and you’ll hit the inner quad more, think of how triceps help the whole are look bigger, it’s a similar scenario.

hack squats for outer.