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Foot Pain


This is actually for my mom, not me.

So she has been feeling a progressive amount of pain across the soles of her feet. She describes it as every step feeling like someone is slapping her foot. Apparently being on her feet all day is excruciating.

She is a relatively small woman (not sure how much she weighs exactly, but no more than 125lbs at 5'2"). She is a student and housewife currently, and work in the kitchen keeps her on her feet quite a bit. She also thinks that the pain didn't begin until we installed a new tile floor.

She thought it might be plantar fasciitis, but from what we've read plantar fasciitis pain is mostly localized in the heel.

She's had every diagnostic test known to mankind done in traditional medicine. The best treatment they suggested that she thinks might have helped a bit was rolling her feet over a cold can of pop and then soaking her feet in epsom saltwater. That may have just been soothing though.

Anyway...any thoughts? I suggested she see a Graston specialist, if it is some fascial issue. But the fact that she describes it as simply hypersensitivity on the entire sole of her foot makes me think that it is something with the nervous system.


What did the NCV say? Podiatrist? Any new meds? Get better if she stays off of them for a period of time? Worse in the am? afternoon? pm? The plantar fasciae covers the entire undersurface of the foot, and is a bit of a catchall diagnosis anyway seeing as there are 4-6 layers to your foot depending on the anatomist you ask so it could be a wide range of structures and she is having a tough time localizing the pain.


Well after thousands of dollars worth of testing, they still have no clue what is wrong. They said it is possible that it could be tarsal tunnel syndrome, but the only way to determine and/or fix that would be surgery. She didn't want surgery, so who knows.

I am thinking that she should try out some "alternative treatments" by someone skilled in myofascial syndromes or trigger points and perhaps that would help.