Foot Pain

I recently got a summer job as a waiter so obviously during that time I’m walking around a lot and in the last few weeks I feel like I’ve lost the ability to walk for more than a few minutes. I try to ignore it when working but when I’m home I can’t even put my feet down without pain.

Right now I’m running some errands at a hospital and even just walking around for a couple minutes to different rooms is hurting. It’s mostly in my heals but just in general it’s pretty uncomfortable.

Any recommendations? I’m thinking of buying some of those shoe inserts but I’ve never heard much about how well they work. Also rolling a frozen water bottle under my feet but again it seems like one of those things that doesn’t really help much. Anyway any help is appreciated


ask your manager if you can wear flats instead of heels

I thought all the waitresses at Hooters already wore those comfy looking white tennis shoes?


Hahaha, great comments so far.

Seriously though, you will get somewhat used to it. It sucks standing for a really long time, especially when you are heavier, thats one of the motivating factors behind me getting a new job as a security guard instead of fast food. Its hard getting motivated to go to the gym to put over 400 lbs on my back when my feet are in serious pain.

I know Dave Palumbo swears by good insoles for 300+ pound guys.

It looks like a plantar fascia problem. Foam roll on calves/tibialis and tennis ball under the feet could help.

I get sore heels from any extended ammount of walking or standing.I think its just something to get used to as you get heavier.It doesnt set me back any so I could care less.

I’ve done the tennis ball rolling before, I never felt it really did much but it couldn’t hurt. I’m getting some inserts today so we’ll see how those work, they’re called PolySorb

Lots of pressure with the tennis ball for at least 5 minutes for a few days. Then upgrade to a golf ball. Then buy some vibrams and strengthen your feet.