Foot Pain From Sitting All Day?

Basically I have been having foot pain on and off since I got my new job about 13 months ago, which involves sitting at a desk most of the day. I have found that since then I have been getting serious foot pain. It usually goes away after I start moving for a few minutes. It also tends to go away when I back off on squats, deadlifts, or any high intensity movement. However, I did not have this pain prior to getting my desk job.

Should I see a doctor or just ice it? It seems contradictory that I would have foot pain from sitting…

Sounds like plantar fasciitis to me. Get a lacrosse ball and roll the soles of your feet. It’ll hurt like a motherfucker but it’ll help.

I second the plantar fasciitis advice. Trigger point needling to the soles of my feet cured mine in two-three sessions (sole rolling on steroids).

As I understand it, the sitting shortens your hamstrings/calves which in turn pulls on the soft tissues underneath your foot. So focus on your feet in the short term and your calves/hamstrings in the long term.