Foot injury

Seems I’m always getting injured. I’ve been nursing a foot injury for over a month now. I have no idea what it is or how it was caused but it is quite painful. There is a localized pain on the back of my left foot about 2 inches below my achilles tendon. It’s not a heel spur. This injury has prevented me from running and jump roping as much as I need and like to do. In fact, I haven’t ran in over 3 weeks and have only jump roped a few times in that period.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to heal this injury? I have not taken X-rays (no health insurance) but I’ve been constantly stretching the calves and have rested my feet. I think I’m going to start icing as well (should have been doing that right away). Also, is there a name for this injury? Only thing I’ve found is plantar fascitis, but that is more on the bottom of the foot. Thanks.

My answer as usual. ART. If you can find a good practitioner, you should see some great improvement from the get go.

I forgot to mention that I did get some ART treatment. The practioner that I use is a Level 3 and seems pretty good. He fixed my back pretty good but my foot didn’t seem to improve.


I get exactly this pain in my left achilles after too much sprintin’, and my problem has been diagnosed as “Achilles Tendonitis” - caused primarily by overuse. If the pain feels like it’s more in the heelbone then the tendon, then chances are THIS be THAT.

I’ve had it before from jumping rope, hill runs and assorted periods of activity. Too much running on your toes (sprints, jumprope etc,) and the only answer is REST, ICE, COMPRESSION, ELEVATION, with the emphasis on the ICE and the REST.

My last flare-up was a week and a half ago, and I ran a 10km bush track yesterday.


Machine, how old are you? When I was around 14 I had something similar called Seaver’s disease aka calcaneal apophysitis. Basically just an inflammation of one of the growth areas between two bones in the heel that fuse in adulthood. It’s pretty common in younger guys and it’s something that disappears with age. Just a possibility, but an X-ray would help. With Seaver’s, the heel looks like it has an extra bone due to the inflammation and separation.

hi machine

theres a good article about achilles tendon and related injuries in the ART site:

hope this will help


It could be other things, but feet can be a bitch. To get the necessary tension to break up the rather tiny adhesions can be nery difficult. on these if I’m not getting it done it’s usually because I’m missing the problem.

Is the pain from booting someone in the ass? Or perhaps smashing another swiss ball- this time with your foot? J/k hopes it gets better.

I would recommend trying Wobenzyme. I sometimes get what feel like mild sprains in my feet (from running, calf raises or whatever) and the only thing that’s worked has been the big W. You’ll have to take it for a week or two to see results, but …

Char-dawg is right. Wobenzyme or any high dose proteolytic enzyme i.e. protein digesting enzyme product will have potent anti-inflammatory activity. These products are great at helping to recover from injuries or surgery. Just make sure to take them away from food i.e. 30 minutes before or two hours after food or the enzymes get used up digesting your food. Do not take this if you have an ulcer or if you develop stomach upset after taking it.

A good anti-infalmitory is not a bad idea. It’s seems to me (if you are an adult) that you have a damaged tendon or ligament. Minus a doctor, your best best bet is cold/hot therapy. 15 minutes of ice, then 15 minutes of heat. Do this for an hour a day for two weeks. Also rap you ankle (not to tight) and stay off of it as much as possible. After two weeks you sould see a noticable improvement. If it doesn’t work then, I am afraid you will have to get raped by a sports medicine doctor.
My experience is that if you tell them that you have no insurance and you don’t have allot of bread, they will usually give you break on the price. If they don’t, find a new doctor.
I feel your pain, I just broke my middle toe. Fortunately, it is a real small fracture, so I should be back in the saddle pretty soon. If nothing else I can work upper body, which needs extra work anyway.