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foot hypertrophy?

I ruptured my achilles tendon about 6 years ago, and my left leg has never fully recovered from the atrophy, everything is a little bit weaker on that side. Needless to say, that is reaking havoc on my body as I play a lot of sports right now. I’m working on the calf, quad, and hammy on that side, which is helping, but recently I noticed that my left foot is significantly smaller than my right. I noticed because I bought a pear of slip on (no laces) dress shoes, and while the right one fits snugly, the left one is totally loose. The muscles on the top of my left foot are totally weak and small in comparison to the right. The right one has tons of veins busting out all over it. Anyone got any suggestions on how to hit that area? I can’t even remeber the top of my feet ever being sore after a workout.

Anyone else out there had an achilles rupture? It’s such a bitch, I can’t believe I’m still dealing with it. I did 6 full months of rehab and then trained on my own ever since, and I still have a ton of scar tissue. My left ankle is all huge and nasty looking. ART is helping, but I still have far to go, and my guy says I’ll probably never get back to equal strength.

On a side note, how do you pronounce hypertrophy? Is it like the words hyper and trophy stuck together, like HYpertrophy, or is like the way atrophy is pronounced, hyPERtrophy. I’ve been reading that word forever, but I’ve never heard anyone actually speak it out loud. Wouldn’t want to sound like a moron if I did actually meet someone who knows what it is…