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Fools and the "Bad" Mixed Grip

Ever noticed how some people will just regurgitate nonsense?

I have been using a mixed grip for deadlifts for the last two years, and my right hand is always overhand.

I do not switch it up. Why? I have an old forearm injury that prevents my right arm from supinating.

From the beginning, everyone has told me how bad this is, and how I am begging for an injury.

Two years later and hundreds of deadlift lbs heavier I have no injuries and no strength or physical imbalances.

Yet for all the assholes who say you must switch up your grip, you would think everyone and their cousin must be getting serious imbalances and injuries from failing to switch up their mixed grip.

I saw an interesting little blurb on chimps a while back. Chimps and human children were given a puzzle task with a treat reward. The “solution” was demonstrated, and both the chimps and the kids learned it pretty quickly. However, when it was revealed that most of the steps toward the treat were unnecessary, the chimps cut to the end, but the human kids kept wasting their time doing the unnecessary steps.

Apparently humans are followers who do not challenge the things they have “learned” and chimps are more flexible and independent thinkers.

Twenty plus years of training and I have NEVER heard a powerlifter or other strength athlete agrue against a mixed grip or advocate switching back and forth-NEVER!
Bodybuilders maybe…

Those are some nice numbers for a guy just getting started-Good Luck at the qualifier!!

Plus, chimps are insanely good deadlifters.

[quote]Gael wrote:
Apparently humans are followers who do not challenge the things they have “learned” and chimps are more flexible and independent thinkers.[/quote]

I’d read an amusing real-world example of this somewhere.

A particular woman was in the habit of cutting off the ends of roasts as part of her family recipe.

At one point either she or her husband or somebody else wondered why she was doing this. Can’t recall who.

Anyway, her mother didn’t know either.

So they went to Grandma.

Grandma said she did it because that she had to to get them to fit into the pan she used.


So for the next 50 years or whatever (I don’t know how long) her descendents were unnecessarily cutting the ends off of roasts just because Grandma had done so, for a reason that in no way applied to them!

I think I’m going to start benching with a mixed grip too.

Those idiots with their “you have to double overhand bench blah blah blah.”

lol I can’t turn my left too well so I have the same grip. I never heard anything about switching it up.