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Fooled Bodybuilders Blog? WTF?

this is Hola Bola from bb.com



all the same guy.


another guy that won teen bber of the week on BB.com

www.teenbodybuilding.com/lukas_duncan.htm <- his BB.com account is there



[quote]egnatiosj wrote:
Stupid bodybuilders with their attention issues and small penises.

Now this guy, Szalai Kornel, he is freakin sweet. I mean look, he has TWO girls with him! THAT is the definition of a MAN! [/quote]

One looks like his mother

The only real thing the site does is make people think the the guy who made it is some skinny, weird, jealous sociopath. At least, that’s what I thought when I found the site.

Bodybuilders get on stage, in their underwear, in front of thousands of people… I dont think having a pic up on some obscure website is going to bother them much.

On a sidenote…

It’s weird that bodybuilding the sport/hobby/activity, whatever you want to call it, draws so much fire from everyday people.

Do people hate on other sports in the same way? Like American football or Soccer?.. oh wait, they do… at least on this site! oho

Seems like some degree of legal action could be taken against the asshat who created that site…

Some of those people don’t even look like they work out :s