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Fooled Bodybuilders Blog? WTF?


Came across this site randomly as I was looking for pics and videos of Erik Fankhouser...

So this guy sends bodybuilders an email saying ""Hi! I am a rich businessman and I want to sponsor you. I will send you 500 dollars every month! But first you have to send me a picture of yourself holding a paper with code: MKAEK." and then posts the photos he gets back on his blog...

Creepy and weird...



Ugh, I just randomly clicked on one name and it's a skinny asian guy who probably just started working out. Worst part is, his pubes are sticking out of his underwear.



Haha jokesss


Very wierd. The guy seems to think he's a genius for figuring out people like money and that bodybuilders are retarded for thinking they have nothing to lose by trying. Most people (I hope) would have figured that it's fake (sounds too good to be true), but really what have these guys lost? What has this guy proven?

Somehow it helps this guys ego to do this and honestly I'm a little disturbed.


This is so weird and a little retarded at the same time.

What? I don't want to bash on him but I'm surprised he even got an email.




Ugh, I just randomly clicked on one name and it's a skinny asian guy who probably just started working out. Worst part is, his pubes are sticking out of his underwear.






How are they stupid? That site is retarded. Gee, some bodybuilders do get sponsors simply because of how they look...so what was accomplished here? It sounds like someone pissed off at anyone who looks like the guy who stole his girlfriend.


Shit, Fankhouser is there.


I'm pretty sure this is the same guy who creeped out T-Nation a while ago with his peculiar hamstring shots. Meaty ass or something.


Also, if you take a look at the comments, it seems pretty obvious that the bodybuilders on this site are not the subject of ridicule, but of gay muscle worship.


Damn he even snagged Erik Fankhouser.


" I wonder if this straight dumb looking bodybuilder ever imagined that sending his pic in underwear to a stranger would turn him into a sex object for gay fantasies... love ugly bodybuilers that make their bodies more pretty"

Yeah, I'd say you're right.


this is really weird....


Surely these guys can ask to have their pictures taken down if they ever find the site? If I were one of those guys I'd feel violated.


This is the guy in charge of this "perversion" (Szalai Kornel)


Stupid bodybuilders with their attention issues and small penises.

Now this guy, Szalai Kornel, he is freakin sweet. I mean look, he has TWO girls with him! THAT is the definition of a MAN!


Dude's a jerk, at least he isn't getting these guys to send him any money.


dunno. probably.

this reminds me of a time when on BB.com someone found out this forum on yoko.com or somethng like that had this public teen muscle guys section, and several of the more well known members of the teen section had pictures, even screenshots from stickam of them up on that site. It was a lot like this comments wise, a lot of "i'd lick this/ have him lick that" "wanna wrestle to the ground" etc.

if a gay dude complements you on ur physique thats fine, but this is just sorta crazy.

then again... we regularly post picts of girls on our facebooks/myspace accounts on BB.com, this is like the gay version of that i guess...


"But now their bodies are EXPOSED to you!"
Oh Dear God, it's a bodybuilder's worst fear..!