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Foods You Avoid

Any foods you all avoid do to gas, bloating etc?

Can anyone here not tolerate white potatoes? I recently substituted half of my rice intake with potato and have noticed some bloating. However, I am wondering if it may be the potato or extra calories.

EDIT: The addition has been 300-600 grams of boiled white potato.

KFC… I drive thru every time I pass by.

Wait… foods I avoid? Shit I don’t like I guess.

Bloating sounds like something some instagram fitness model says in her insta vs reality posts.

Srsly tho. Any irritable bowel syndrome or other conditions? Are you eating starchy potatoes or the waxy varieties? Is the additional potato volume matched or weight or calorie matched?

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Non sourdough bread, that does tend to get me feeling bloated. Also stuff I don’t like.

White bread - there are so many better alternatives.

Lollies - I don’t like sweet things (I’m sweet enough).

Chips/crisps - sometimes they are too nice which can turn into a little problem.

Lettuce - baby spinach basically makes lettuce redundant IMO.

Processed meat - they are so easy and convenient but I have seen way too many shows/docos that imply they are carcinogenic.

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nuts, butter, food/drinks with added sugar, junk.

alot of white rice recently wrecked me. white potatoes have wrecked me recently too.

been meaning to see if my body responds the same way to sweet potatoes, I doubt it. I’ll probably handle those just fine.

Supplements bloat me and make cutting a nightmare. Exception is a protein shake as a cheat meal to curb a craving is better than mentally snapping.

-I can handle anything that doesnt go through a process with out bloat with the exception of high sugar fruits like bananas and mango.
-The leaner I am the less likely I am to get bloated and the less bloating that happens (probably because most of it goes to glycogen stores faster).

I do think the frequency in which you eat something will impact how your body reacts to it. The more often your body eats it the better it is equipped to digest it reducing bloat and gas.

White potatoes are my cutting gold and I am not sure I can eat enough of these to either bulk or even get bloated on.

Rice does pretty well too but I can get bloated from too much kind of easily.

My Salt intake is normally pretty high but pretzels get me bloated the next day which is probably a combination of calories and salt/carbs. (this happens regardless of the beverages consumed with them)

I have to avoid heaps of stuff, but it keeps me away from slot of junk, am allergic to nuts, wheat, soy and a heap of other things.
Lots of meat and veg, and iced coffee :+1:

Any sort of diet soda not sure why but my body does not like diet sodas or sugar free coffee creamers.

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I avoid white potatoes, anything fried, canned, processed or packaged in a box. That cuts out pretty much all fast food.

Same, feel like poo for about a day after 1 drink.

Anything carbonated. Cans of beer, pop, even just carbonated water–I can’t drink it without feeling lethargic and gross (that applies mostly to diet pop).

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a can of pop while watching Netflix on Saturday night or a couple beers with my dad or my friends on Friday nights, but once the carbonation gets in me, the possibility of doing any physical activity goes out the window for at least an hour or two.

I’ve never had a problem with white potatoes or white rice (thank Goodness, because they’re delicious) but brown rice actually makes me a little bloated. I’ve always liked white rice more anyways, so now I have an excuse to eat white rice > brown rice :slight_smile:

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Seems as though potatoes were definitely the issue. I have not eaten them for a about 1.5 weeks and the bloating is gone. I think what added to the problem was that I eat them cold which adds to the resistant starch content. What I felt were all possible side effects of too much RS.

Bread but I eat some anyway

Beer. Pizza. French fries. Restaurant mashed potatoes. Chips (crisps!). Bagels. Processed meats, not limited to, but especially bologna, cheap salami, and presliced deli meat. Cookies. Cake. Candy of all stripes, except dark chocolate. Cheap cheese. Crackers. Anything that is more than 1/8th sugar by weight. Pasta with cream sauce. Mozzarella sticks and other fried appetizers. Fast food. Starbucks “coffee drinks.”

All that shit will make me bloated.

I do eat: rice. Sweet and white potatoes. Levain breads. Oatmeal. Waffles. Eggs. Meat I cook. A F-ton of veggies (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green beans, cabbage, kale). Protein bars of varying brands and styles. Protein shakes laced with lecithin, cinnamon, and oats. Nuts. Nut butters. Yogurt/Skyr. Jerky. And about 3/4lb of lettuce/spinach daily.

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Two big ones:

  1. White potatoes take a long time for me to digest or something, which causes some bloating.
  2. Kale – that shit makes me the gassiest individual on planet Earth. (shudders at the memory)

One tiny one:

  1. Brown Rice – for some reason, my body doesn’t process it very well…

Things I eat, but I can’t eat in large quantities:

  1. Nut butter – bloats me and makes me constipated if I eat too much of it at once.
  2. Broccoli - anything over a suggested serving size and I bloat and have bad gas.
  3. Protein Bars – I can eat the small ones meant for chicks or health-minded people, but the bigger ones meant for bodybuilders or hard-gainers are just awful on my system.

I never realized all of this stuff until I moved in with the lady…then I was forced to re-evaluate my diet so that we could co-exist haha


I have an experience with white potato it cause me bloating and gases all day but when I switched to eat sweet potato it is my best carbs now

White potato kills me the farts are extreme, brown rice the same, Jasmine rice I can tolerate pretty well, most proteins are good red meat etc, broccoli I pretty much cook the crap out of it in the microwave and then I am fine. Cut out dairy about a month ago and feel better for it. I have fermented cabbage with each meal seems to help with digestion.
Tried to cut back on coffee but just cant do it.

Not sure if it’s the mileage i’ve been running the last few weeks or what, but bananas have been causing problems (stomach cramping/bloating). Had a hunch it was them, cut them out, and been better since. Weird & sucks.

Substituting in more sweet potatoes.