Foods Which Boost Libido?

Does anyone know about (and have tried) any foods which boost libido?

i’ve heard a lot about goji berries recently, the new ‘miracle’ food. The hype machine calls them ‘fruit Viagra’ as they are supposed to work wonders for boosting libido. Has anyone here tried goji berries and do they work?


Goji Berries are pretty damn sweet. They don’t taste sweet, but their health benefits are huge. I swear to you that last winter they were a definite help in overcoming some lifting plateaus since they were the only new variable in my life.

I’d also put them ahead of Oysters, Asparagus, Chocolate, or Bananas for a libido booster. Maybe not Oysters. I’ve really never had them so I wouldn’t know.

I dunno why, but every time I’ve eaten Salmon and Eggs Coquette (or whatever it’s called: salmon, an egg, topped with a little heavy cream and a little butter, steamed in a ramekin and served with some nice toast) I’ve experienced a major libidinous boost. :smiley:

Fats and proteins in the diet tend to increase libido due to the fact that it helps increase cholesterol and testosterone production in the body.

That’s why people on diets and restrictive meal plans tend to have no sex drive (less calories, less fat, etc.). Think of a bodybuilder dieting for a show…those 12 weeks out usually sap their libido.

Also a lot of “high libido” foods are those with high levels of zinc.

Beer always increases my libido.

[quote]Brant_Drake wrote:
Beer always increases my libido.[/quote]

Dark beers seem to work best for me so far as beer goes. Wine works even better though, especially a strong red wine like a Port.

Shiitake mushrooms and steak are also good suggestions.

I have read that the scent of cinnamon will boost libido too.

passion tea from starbucks does it for me

Try broccoli or any other kind of cruciferous veggies (cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, etc). These all contain a phyto-chemical called
indol-3-carbinol (I3C) which cuts down on estrogen. Anything that reduces estrogen will result in more freely available T in your system, so I would give these things a go. I think I saw somewhere that a couple servings of such veggies can cut estrogen in half. Definitely worth trying, it seems to make me feel a lot less “emotional.”