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Foods We Eat Daily but are Sick of...

my bud called me the other evening as i was settling in for sleep eating some turkey, cottage cheese, nuts, and water…

he was having a beer and some pizza bites.

Things i eat too much of everyday: Breakfast whey, rolled oats, eggs, tons of Vitamins, BCAA’s, Arginine, Glutamine, Creatine…the list goes on…I’m so sick of BANANAS.

Post workout yesterday i stopped at Burger King Yahooo!!!

2 Rodeo cheeseburgers, and a Tendergrill chicken sandwich, it was Good.

what are you sick of?

As I read your post I am eating breakfast. The same breakfast I’ve eaten everyday for a year.

I still look forward to my meals even though it’s the same day in day out. Olive oil is the only thing I really hate, but I won’t stop taking it.


it takes too long to make, and too long to eat

Right now, if eggs had a face. That’s where I’d punch them.

eggs…rice…damn you both

My ketogenic post-workout shake (whey, glutamine, glycine, and leucine)

I dread the end of my workouts cause I have to drink that nasty concoction!!

I am starting to detest broccoli

If I hated any foods I ate daily I would switch it. Eggs, Metabolic Drive, Almonds, Natural Peanut Butter, EVOO & Balsamic Vinegar, Broccoli, Lettuce, Asparagus,Chicken, Lean Beef, Salmon. I love it all.

Protein shakes.

chicken is beginning to urk me.


oatmeal and grilled chicken breast

Rodeo cheeseburgers are the sh*t, when did they bring those back?

i am sick of eating ground turkey and tuna steaks (believe it or not) all the time.

Powdered aminos

[quote]plateau wrote:
Powdered aminos[/quote]

BCAA is pretty digesting on its own. Although I find, if you mix it into a bottle of gatorade before your workout and let it have more time to “dissolve”. After your workout, you don’t really taste the BCAA and they dissolve a bit better. Coz problem i had initially with BCAA was that they don’t really dissolve well.


if i dont like a food, i usually dont eat it. there are plenty of good foods out there.

Chicken titty.

tuna got old a long time ago, but it makes me pumped everytime i eat it

seems like i’m sayin’ “time to eat again,” or “i’ll eat the chicken early, ground turkey later, and steak tonight.”

i combo up some weird shit turkey + steel oats for a carb or steak and apples WTF?

Well, chicken breast sure sucks. Seems to get dry and bland no matter how I treat it. Tired brining, marinating, rubbing and whatever but the result always remained the same. I’m also getting tired of drinking protein powder. Those are the meals I’m eating solely for function. No enjoyment whatsoever.

Was sick of eggs for a while and had to drink it raw in shakes but now I’m able to enjoy eggs that are cooked again.

Wish there were more meat variations available where I reside (China) but I’m pretty much stuck with pork, chicken and beef. Would love to have access to stuff like buffalo, kangaroo, ostrich, turkey, horse and gamey meats.

… Ofcourse if I went further down south there would be a host of more exotic meats like badger, dog, rat, snake and so on available but I tried most and its pretty awful.