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Foods To Raise Testosterone?


I was wondering what specific kind of food raise testosterone...im tired of supplemets, im 20 years old and found out my T levels were 346... I want to raise them naturally...any ideas???


There's some info in the Big T article. The section on diet is towards the bottom, but the whole article deals with how different parts of your lifestyle can raise / lower your T.



Good fats.


Good foods ALL of them, P, C, and F in amounts that leave you in a surplus are your best bet. If you are hypocaloric your asking for less than optimal. T


What Phil said.

Zinc and magnesium deficiencies are usually a culprit too - try supplementing with ZMA or a home-brew of seperate zinc and magnesium (not oxide) tablets.

If dietary changes don't work, talk to your doctor about further testing (which should probably be done anyway - it takes similar results on a few seperate occasions to be conclusive).

Best of luck,