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Foods That Disagree With You?

Whole milk comes out just like it went in-- liquid. What foods make your insides turn into a faucet?

Milk and very spicy food.

Whole Milk

Anyhting w/ grease an any food when I don’t
take my enzymes Ultrase 20.


What ever I’ve been eating lately, good lawd the brown river broke the bank a few weeks ago and crests 2-3 times a week. To many protein shakes and not enough fiber.

Anytime I eat at Carrabba’s. Any alfredo, natural light beer. If I mix all three, I die.

Blueberries + Coffee = Colon Blow

Individually those foods are fine.


wings and guinesss… 0g fiber

Light beer and Thai food

milk, most cheese is fine
spicy food (as in spicy hot)

Pumpkin or Squash.

I love eating these but if I have too much I get PAINFUL gas…to the point where it feels like an alien is about to rip out of my stomach.

Apparently, zinc on an empty stomach. Learned that the hard way today.

eggs dont always sit real well .

but Cajun can really get things boilin’


Eggs every morning for breakfast for more than a couple of days.

Lots of chillis.

Lots of booze.

Beer! More than 6 and Im screwed the next day lol!

I can’t eat fresh water or farm raised fish like tilapia and orange roughy. Give me wild salmon and tuna–no problemo! But the farm raised crap makes me double over and brings me to my knees, literally I cant walk…

Here’s an explanation of why raw veggies might give you gas/not sit well with you (I know for me increased raw veggie intake def gives me a lot more gas):