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Foods That Boost Testosterone?


I have been lifting weights for a couple of years now and after years of searching have found the right kind of exercises to perform and what not to perform. I also adhere to a good balanced diet, full of fruits, vegitables, meats, whole grains, monounsaturated fats and plenty of water.

All that aside, I have been curious as to whether or not there are any proven natural foods that can boost your testosterone levels (no goofy pills) and if available an article to check out. Not that I'm a puny little bitch who's seriously lacking testosterone(19 yrs old, 6 feet, 190lbs, six pack, can clean and press my own bodyweight), but a little extra testosterone pumping through my veins can't hurt, right? Any other additional diet or trainging tips would also be greatly appreciated. Thank You


Saturated fats boost testosterone


As long as you keep your fats in check, your T should be in a good range for your age.