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foods low in sodium

hey bros, i am trying to cut the sodium out of my diet. Can you guys help me come up with some menu items that are low in sodium? I want to keep under 1000mg’s per day.

I have this great book called “Nutrition Facts Desk Reference”. It lists over 40,000 foods (prepared, specialty, fast, restaurant and fresh) and they’re calories, total fat, protein, staurated fat, etc. Including sodium and potassium. (Isn’t it true your potassium to sodium ratio should be 2 to 1?)… It’s by Dr. Art Ulene. VERY handy book - especially doing what you’re doing (and why are you doing what you’re doing? Pre-contest? Medical?). While I can’t list ALL low to zero sodium foods here, what I can tell you alot of it is thinking like this. If I were to begin to watch my sodium intake, I wouldn’t choose a pizza slice over a potato or pasta and so on. Or canned tuna fish over fresh fish or chicken. I would suggest you get a book like the one I have, it might be useful.

I did this once preparing for a photo shoot. It worked very well, especially with an over the counter diuretic. (I used an EAS product called NWB, which I think stands for “Natural Water Balance.”) But it was one of the more difficult dietary restrictions I’ve tried. I put a lot of low-sodium tuna into low-sodium soups, both of which are usually found in that punky little aisle of the average grocery story, humorously titled “Health Foods.” (In other words, five shelves of Alba and Hain Rice Cakes.) After numerous attempts, I finally found some low sodium turkey. You may try meat specialty stores to get it; most grocery delis didn’t have it. Also, Alpine Lace makes some low sodium cheese, though “low” is relative here. Lastly, MRP’s can have significant sodium, so if you supplement, shift to straight protein powders and get the carbs some other way. Obviously, fruits and vegetables are lower in sodium, but that’s not the problem – it’s getting enough protein, which is usually seasoned by the time it reaches market. I hope you get other posts. I’m sure there are more alternatives than what I found. Also, search “Bill Roberts” and “sodium.” He’s said some interesting things on shedding water in this way.

You are going to have to spend more time in the kitchen. Stop buying canned goods or any processed foods for that matter. they are loaded with sodium. Use raw products so you can control the salt. I would also invest in some herbs and spices, or if you are not much of a cook, the Mrs. dash blends are a good choice. Stay away from ketchup, and if you use soy sauce don’t waste your money on the low sodium stuff just buy regular and water it down.

As already pointed out, get away from the canned stuff. Two examples: For vegetables, buy them frozen. For beans, cook your own in a slow cooker.