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Foods/Groups That Cause Water Retention


I searched in advance, i got alot of threads about creatine wasn't what i'm after.

I'm after a laymans run-down on the foods/drinks that cause water retention. I've got a basic grasp of the idea, relates to concentration gradients/osmosis and know that carbs/salt contribute towards it.

But what else? I'm a bit confused, i've read a few books, the paleo diet mentions it but that's where im stumped; fruit being carb/fibrous yet doesn't (i've noticed) contribute to retaining water (much anyway). And yet Cheese i found gives me watery jowls after a big feed :smiley:

One of Wendler's articles mentioned "bloat" and he was using salty/fatty foods. I didn't realise fat would contribute?

Sorry if i've over simplified, but what other foods/food groups aren't great for it? I've got the below as the worst 'uns:


Peanut Butter


Unsalted Meat
Freshwater/Unsalted Fish


If you wanted a carby breaky, but wanted to avoid WR as much as poss. what would you go for?

Thanks in advance, nutrition is my achilles heel.