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Foods for Keto Diet


What are the suggested food choices do you use when and if implement a ketogenic diet?


Lot's of meat and veges. You also need a couple nice sources of healthy fats.


NOT carbs.


Beef is great, chicken, and whey.


Say what?


Fatty meats will keep you satisfied.


Beef, chicken, tuna.


Check out the Anabolic Diet threads, and La Cucina Anabolica.

I'm doing the Anabolic Diet, so I eat a lot of things like sausage, beef, pork, chicken, nuts (within limits), etc. When it comes to things like broccoli, I don't even count them as calories because of how light and fibrous they are.

Really it's better to talk about things to avoid on low carb diets... Things like milk that you might not think of immediately.