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foods for joint health

are there any healthy foods, not supplements, that are good for the joints? i think the wear and tear of heavy reps along judo/ju-jitsu is starting to wear my joints down. i believe chicken is suppose to be good, but i already eat plenty of that, any other suggestions?

glucosamine chondrotin sulfate, I believe.

Green tea may possibly be good for joints…like he said, glucosamine, and LOTS of vitamin C.
I’m not sure about food food, other than the vitamins and so on the food contains. I have noticed though that when I keep my vegetable intake high my knees feel a hundred times better than otherwise.

Anyone know of any additional info or research on the possible adverse relationship between glucosamine and insulin ensitivity?

I know you’re not looking for “supplements”…but fish oil is a VERY good antiinflammatory agent. I personally don’t view fish oil as a “supplement” per say. I just think of it as part of my normal diet.

I’ll second the fish oil. I too lift, and do Kung Fu/Kickboxing during the week. I recently began taking 5-10 fish caps before bed (salmon oil), and boy have I seen a difference.

Joint and tendon pain is virtually gone.

Allow me to put a “third” in for Fish Oil! I notice not only a physical benefit but a psychological one as well.

I also want to put a plug in for MSM. It is a sulfur compound found in some fruits. However, I take the supplement and have noticed a difference.

fish oil (omega 3’s)

fruits and veggies (vitamin C)

I’ve read that pineapple has some anti-inflammatory properties above and beyond those of other fruits

I’d have to go with the glucosamine, condroitin, MSM combo. I’ve tried them all individually, and in combo, and found that taking all three gives me the best results.

glucosamine IMPROVES insulin sensitivity.
bromelain (from pineapple) is good.
collagen II and a COX-2 inhibitor is also good.

I have used all of the above and still use fish oil. The only supplement that I use for joint health is Wobenzyme. Before you laugh, go to “Superfoots.com” and read up on it. I have a bad right elbow and an artharitic toe (Dr.'s diagnosis). Wobenzyme has gotten rid of 95% of the pain. I also noticed by accident during a bulk, that I could chug roughly twice the milk as normal without severe gas. This is the only enzyme supp that I know of that is enteric coated to protect the enzymes from stomach acid.

fish oil has worked wonders for my joints…big martin

If I recall, Barardi recommends 1500 mg of glucosamine and 1200 mg of chondrotin sulfate. Any good (and preferrably cheap…still in school) sources? I done a couple searches but haven’t found anything spectacular? Where are you guys getting yours from?

Another bump for fish oil.
I’d like to try that Brazillian compound that Doug Kalman mentioned.
Croton malambo I think.
Anyone know where to get this. He says it works and he’s usually pretty good.

There’s great info in this episode of t-mag on this. TC and Lonnie Lowry both lay it out pretty well. Foods to eat for body structure and fuction are green leafy vegetation, most fruits, and animals that fed on green leafy vegetation (not grains). These foods provide more omega 3 fatty acids than omega 6 (the inflammatory ones).

What happens is this, all cell membranes are made of a phospholipid bilayer (a phospholipid is composed of a phosphate head group and two fatty acid chains). now, one of these chains is synthesized by the body, the other comes directly from your diet. So, when we take in foods that aren’t green leafies, most lower glycemic fruits, and animals that fed on green leafy vegetation (not grains), we supply our cell membranes with inflammatory fatty acids. In essence we are programming our bodies to be hyper-inflammatory.

If you keep your ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 at about 1:1, like TC was talking about, then your body will like you and not hurt as much.

Also, a ginger/green tea mixture does help blunt inflammation…and i just read a research article on pubmed that correlates ginger consumption with higher androgen (T) levels.

Great thread.

I recently sprained my knee doing BJJ, the 3rd time on this knee and have aggravated previous damage to the bursa,

and have found that green tea does help. I personally think those sold at Asian markets taste better.

Thanks for the fish oil cap advice all.

aside from supplements doing yoga has really helped heal the knee, particularly positions in which the leg is raised, which helps to flush fresh blood.

thanks for all the replies

i already take fish oil and drink green tea often. . . so i guess i’m halfway there

i was told once that red meat (beef) can lead to stiffening of your joints, any1 think there is validity to this?