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Foods for College Dorms

So I live in a college dorm and the only means of cooking are by a microwave. I can’t store any frozen foods as I only have a refrigerator. I’m looking for suggestions as far as snacks I can keep on hand that aren’t too time consuming to cook and have a lot of protein. I’m an ecto looking to get bigger, which means eating more often, every 3 hours or so.

It’s a pain to walk to the dining hall every 3 hours, so I need food to hold me over while I’m studying. I eat breakfast in my room, along with a meal between lunch and dinner, and a snack after dinner. Lunch and dinner are when I’ll go to the dining hall to use my meal plan.

So anyways, what are good foods to keep in my room that are convenient and healthy? Thanks

Beef jerkey, nuts, canned tuna, canned salmon, and protein bars are a few ideas. There are plenty more, I’m sure you can think of them.

almonds and various nuts
beef jerky
peanut butter
protein shakes

I think your best bet (if you’re within the US) is to use egg whites by egg whites international. I think people drink them straight as they have been heat pastuerized.

there’s also a UK affiliate:

I haven’t tried the stuff as they don’t ship to us poor Canadians (I would buy it in an instance if they did). Or do they?

Thanks for the ideas, do you have ideas about meals though? The snacks part is pretty easy, as rcsermas said. I have a lot of beef jerky and peanut butter, and also drink a Metabolic Drive shake before bed every night. I have a lot of stuff for making sandwiches, wheat bread, turkey, etc. But sandwiches get old after awhile, so I need more ideas for meals that I could cook in a microwave.

get a glass or ceramic bowl, throw in two or three whole eggs and microwave it for 90 to 105 seconds. Then throw some cheese on it and presto, you have yourself a quick omelet.