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Foods as Aromatase Inhibitors?


Aromatase is an enzyme that synthesizes estrogen. White mushrooms & broccoli have been found to inhibit the enzyme. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aromatase_inhibitor

Does anyone have experience using white mushrooms or broccoli to successfully block an increase in estrogen levels? How many white mushrooms and how much broccoli would one have to consume on a regular basis?


didn't know about the mushrooms, but I know Poliquin is a big fan of broccoli.

"For the glutes, it's important to detoxify estrogen levels by consuming vegetables such as broccoli that have biochemicals that accomplish this important task."

good riddance b/c I gain a lot of fat on mah ass. More broccoli for me.


Come on guys give me a break. I need some kind of help since my doctor hasn't prescribed an aromatase inhibitor and doesn't have a clue on what to test for other than testosterone serum levels. How do these doctors make it through med school without knowing this stuff? My doctor didn't even know about testing free test levels to show what's actually available for use until I showed him some articles.

I'm a noob on this and using prescription for HRT but I don't have the money to keep paying for appointments to make a case to my doctor who could care less. Women evidently can get all the help they want to become "fake men" aka Chaz Bono and others on youtube.


It has been my experience that when a food has something awesome in it like EPA/DHA in fish, you'll find you need to eat a metric shit tonne of it to get the "promised effect". I'm sure this is also true for broccoli, but by all means eat the living shit out of it.

Big doses of rezveratrol are probably your best bet for aromatase inhibition. If BBB checks out this thread he'll probably know a million and 1 aromatase inhibiting foods/substances.

I suggest you go shopping for a new doctor though.


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Ok so maybe "a million and one" was setting the bar pretty high...


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Vitamin C from various peppers, ascorbic acid, some kind of buffered Vit. C, or all of the above?


if you have estrogen issues, probably too much for comfort/cost

it would be more cost effective to go the supplement route.

DIM, Calcium D glucarnate, vitex, vit C etc...


ohhh. didnt see this at first. you could probably get better help in the "T-Replacement" forum but anyway...

what I would do is just buy some Liquid Arimidex from a research company and GET A NEW DOCTOR!

seriously though


Okay I'm guessing this is not allowed but I've looked and I'm no closer to finding anything that resembles a research company that offers liquid arimidex, any hints on what "letters" to put in search?


I would not even focus on supplements and just eat certain food on a daily basis. This is a long-term thing, as long as you focus on eating these foods everyday, I think you'll be alright:

Broccoli/cruciferous veggies
Mushrooms (apparently from the OP)
Flax seed (thx to BBB)
Green tea
Raw nuts because it's testosterone promoting (thx to John Meadows)
Raw grass-fed dairy because CLA is anti-estrogenic (thx to JM again)

I'm guessing flax meal won't have the same benefit?


google search "arr research chemicals"


^^^obviously using that liquid adex is assuming you are using it correctly...


I did read some studies regarding pomegranate/juice as a notable anti aromatase, more specifically the ellagic acid I think.

I can't find ANY indication of just how strong an AI effect it has, or how ellagic acid compares with pharmaceutical drugs like Arimidex for example.