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As a poor college student living away from home for the first time, I am in need of sufficient nourishment. The dining hall food is well, dining hall food. Grade B meat, maybe. I’m bringing a George Foreman grill back up with me and was hoping that some of you big eaters out there had recipes that will work on a GF grill. Thanks

Beef is absolutely great on a GF Grill, but being a poor college student I’m guessing you can’t afford NY strip every night. So, buy yourself some meat tenderizer and use the cheaper cuts (chuck, shoulder…). You can also marinade the steaks in Italian dressing or beer in the fridge overnight. It tenderizes the steak and makes it tasty, too.

Eat me… I’m cheap, taste good and very nutritous!

Very taste chicken rissoles. Just get 500-600g of chicken breast mince add 6 chopped mushrooms , what ever spices you like ,for me some habenero sauce, throw in an egg, mix all together then keep adding oatmeal until it becomes thicker .Lay mixture on a board spread into a rectangle cut into nine portions make into balls (rissoles) then throw onto the george foreman 3-5 mins turn once .
variations can include adding corn, oystersauce,cajun, cheap sluts, eat with a side order of salad for low carbs or if carbs not a prob with potatoes ,brown rice, if pushed for time slap it between two wholemeal slices of bread(no butter) top with some low fat hummous ,too easy

I’ve heard from college students that swear by GF grilled cheese sandwhich’s. I geuss if you wanted decent nourishment buy some whole wheat break and low-fat cheese and bust it out.

I was faced with the same thing just last year. What I did was go to Marsh, or Kroger. These supermarkets sell 6 oz sirloin steaks in packs of three for around $2.50 a pack. Good lean beef that cooks well on the GF grill. Also, I don’t know about the area you are in, but we have ALDI grocery stores, which are targeted at “lower” income people. They sell 3.5 lbs bags of skinless chicken breasts for $4.99 a bag, which is about $4 cheaper and 1 lb more than most supermarkets.

Are you really going to prepare something really elaborate in your dorm or apartment? Hell no.
I think this was touched on in a recent issue of T-mag. Bodybuilders and strength athletes typically eat the same few meals day in and day out, simply because most of the crap they sell in the stores would have you looking like 99% of the population.
My recommendations are:

  1. Read this article http://www.t-mag.com/articles/172food.html
  2. Buy a rice cooker for rice and oatmeal
  3. Buy some no-carb spices for chicken and beef
  4. Buy cheese
  5. Buy beef jerkey
  6. Buy nuts and all-natural peanut butter

Massive eating works well in college. Get all your P+C meals at the dining hall and your P+F meals at home.