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Got your attention? Good. Here’s a ridiculously simple and healthy meal that would make even Berardi proud. It’s an impromptu Korean classic known as “pah gogi” (beef with spring onions). Even a trained monkey can make this as there are no measurements involved and the dish is extremely scalable.

  • eye round beef sliced paper thin by your butcher
  • a couple bundles of spring onions
  • sesame oil (light or dark, doesn’t matter)
  • salt and black pepper

Shred the slices of beef into thin strips and quickly (I can’t stress this enough as it does cook fast) saute it in a hot skillet. Remove and reserve on a covered platter.

Cut about an inch off the top and bottom of the spring onions and discard. Finely shred the spring onions on an extreme bias (knife almost parallel to the onions) into about 2-3" long strips. If you want to get rid of the “bite” common in raw onions, lightly rinse shredded spring onions in cold water and drain thoroughly (salad spinners work the best).

Coat the spring onions with the sesame oil and season to taste with salt and pepper before serving.

You can serve this with or without rice. Oh, and make sure you’re not planning on going out anywhere after eating this.