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Any of you all know any good websites to get the nutrional info for foods. I am having a real bitch of a time finding one

Check this site out: www.cspinet.org/

Hope this helps.

I also just found this site: www.aeb.org/food/

Don't know how extensive this info is here - or if you've seen it already.

Hey, the last post of mine is only about EGGS. Sorry. I feel VERY stupid right now.

What I did was just do a basic search on google using "food nutritional breakdown information" as my search word.


Netrition.com has a pretty good one up. Check it out:


The be all, end all of sites. Try this one – www.nalusda.gov/ fnic/cgi-bin/nut_search.pl


www.nutri-facts.com is the best one ive found…