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Food while traveling

 I know this has been discussed before in other threads, but I could not find anything when I conducted a search so I will ask again.  
 In the coming year my job will require me to travel quite a bit, about 2-3 weeks at a stretch.  I will make room in my luggage to pack some snacks to make it through the rough days ahead.  What kind of snacks can I take with me?  I will pack my Grow and Grow Bars when possible, but many of the locations will be remote and quite hot and sandy so whatever I take must be able to survive severe environments.  I was also considering all types of jerky, nuts, canned meats like chicken, turkey, etc.  However, I have been reading where you should stay away from canned tuna and salmon because of high mercury levels in them.  What else can I take?  I am sure many of you T-Men and T-Vixens have experience with this and could give me some good ideas.  I would greatly appreciate any inputs.  Thanks   

Beef jerky has saved me on many a trip! Now that there’s Grow bars, I usually carry the bars and jerky when I go on trips. I had read that someone uses empty Surge containers as a way of packing their protein powder. Thought that was a good idea. But if the amount is too little, might just wanna carry a nice big tub.

Rolled oats is good. You'll have water available and microwaves are usually available in hotels. Nuts, too.

I would suggest finding Sushi restaurants, too. But don't know where you'll be going. Hope this helps!

I wouldn’t sweat the mercury in canned fish. It’s really not that high, and I seriously doubt you’ll eat enough to cause any problems. This is one of those things where people are paralyzed by analysis. As long as you’re not eating 10 cans of tuna a day for months on end, I don’t think you’ll have any problems. If you get nuts, stay away from salted and roasted nuts and stick with RAW nuts. Salted and roasted nuts are not good. Whenever I travel, I take a small cooler with me so I can also pack things like cottage cheese, lunch meat, and other goodies. If that’s not possible, you’re gonna have to try to eat fresh foods as you find them or pack the canned meat, protein powder and bars, nuts, and jerky. Although, most jerky is processed to the point of not being too healthy.

ah yes, the one burden we all run into with this lifestyle. mcdonalds, wendy’s, burger king can all fit. get a grilled chicken sandwich sans mayo, throw the bun away, and order a salad (go light on the dressing.) ive also gone to a restaurant and ordered two of something, and took one back in a doggy bag to the hotel room. hope that helps. and if your really worried, just toss your foreman in your suitcase.

I carried jars of Skippy peanut butter all ovet the world with me.

You can get tuna/salmon in the packets now too. It is a little more expensive but can be carried anywhere. Sardines can be easily taken with you as well (as long as you have some mints nearby).
My favorite jerky is made by California Snackmasters. They even have salmon jerky (along with beef, turkey, and tuna).
Best, BodyIQ