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Food/Training Log

How do you guys log your food and training so you can keep track of it for extended periods of time? Loose paper gets lost, and who wants to spend an hour at the computer entering data every day?


Let’s see, you don’t want to write it down but you don’t want to use your computer. I guess you could scratch it into your drywalls at home, just don’t paint over them.

Seriously, either do it on paper and keep them somewhere you won't lose them, or do it on your computer. Besides, once you figure out your eating plan, the changes will be minor so you won't be spending an hour a day. Plus you will already have the food breakdown for most of the foods you eat.

Rather than write down and log all the different things I eat in a day, I simply write down, and keep on me somewhere, a sheet which says exactly what breakdown of macronutrients I need to get in each meal. For example, in my current bulking cycle I am eating seven meals a day…on my little sheet are Meal 1: x protein, x carbs, x fat, Meal 2: x, x, x, and so on. This makes things very easy for me, but there are some assumptions here: One, that you will never stray from your planned out ratios…if you do, there is no record of it. Two, it assumes you know enough about different foods and exactly what they contain to make good estimations when eating something you did not prepare yourself (or, I guess, even when you are preparing food yourself away from a place where you have food info available). I would say a beginner would probably be better off logging everything they eat into a program that will tell them exactly what they are taking in each day…at least until they are in tune with their body enough, knowledgeable enough, and disciplined enough to consistently make good choices and estimations when preparing food or eating out.

Read the T-mag article called “The Missing Ingredient”. It’s a food log guide.

Hmmm. Let me restate the question. I was wondering more along the line of the format, what information was being logged. Has anyone bought a log-book? Do you use a spiral, or are most people computer junkies who have everything in excel? Evidently fitday.com is used, and some keep track of specific meal requirments. Anyone else?

I use a weekly calendar sheet from MS outlook. I list the kjoules(or kcal)content, the type of food (f for P+F, c for P+C) and the amount of protein consumed. It looks like this:

2600(kjoules) C 50 (that’s my breakfast)
2700 F 50 (that’s my supper)

Hopes this helps, it’s really and it help a lot.


M$ Excel works great. Does all the math for you. And like I said, once you figure out the macronutrients for each food, it becomes extremely easy. I can update my food log in about 10 minutes tops.

I would say Fitday and T-Mag have had the biggest impact on my physique. It takes time to enter your info but it is so handy to have your calories and macro breakdown right before your eyes. It is then easy to make the slight adjustments that will transform your body.


I find a plain old notebook works just fine. Try it.