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Food to Counter Aromatase Activity on TRT?

Lets say I have a high sensitivity to aromatisation/Estrogen, but I dont want to use an AI since I dont get man boobs (at least not right now). But I want to lower aromatase activity/Estrogen nontheless. How should I change my diet while bulking and how while cutting? I would stay below 17-18% bodyfat all the time. I wouldnt drink above a few drinks of alcohol too. Dont know about other stuff to do though.

There’s a thing called DIM that that some people seem to think helps with this. Cruciferous vegetables con tain it, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, etc. Or just buy a DIM supplement.

I think though your best bet is to simply spread out your weekly dose some; how often are you injecting now? More frequent injections means more stable horemone levels, usually means less symptoms that some guys associate with estrogen.

Managing estrogen is somewhat antiquated thinking. You really probably don’t need to apart from the dosing schedule.

What is your protocol, do you have labs, and what leads you to believe that your symptoms are estrogen related?

Dunno, heard zinc is good, not sure if legit

You will laugh but I have seen some guys completely crashed their estrogen by simply taking 50 milligrams of zinc everyday. It can be some powerful stuff in some guys.

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I believe it. I got low e2 symptoms by using 50mg zink too lol

Calcium D Glucarate can be a good option. Start low and slow. It can help rid the body of some of the bad estrogens. DIM will kill my libido every single time so YMMV

Eeeeeh, there are bad Estrogens? I thought everything about estrogen was goood

Estradiol is good. Estrone and estriol typically fall into place on their own. Phytoestrogens and synthetic estrogens? Not so much. That’s the shit you want to avoid. Problem is, it’s sometimes tricky to get rid of those without affecting the ones you actually don’t want to get rid of.

Am I right in thinking you could get some E2 style effects from too many phytestrogens?

Gyno for example? But then a blood test could show E2 in range as a phytoestrogens wont be counted in that?

Absolutely. Any gyno prone guy out there, go eat a whole bowl of edamame and let me know what happens the next day. With time, it’s every single time. I’ve had gyno swell and fall with while my E2 barely budged on lab tests and I quickly figured out that the other supplements that I was taking was causing the issue to begin with.

Sorry I am not on TRT yet (starting in 7-14 days) that was just a hypothetical question because I feel like I have e2 symptoms right now, even though my e2 is completely normal. But by doubling my testosterone, I would probably double my E too and these symptoms might increase.
Symptoms I have right now: Bloated/puffy face (especially if I didnt sleep full 9 hours), water retention even though Im 13-14% bodyfat. Emotional mood swings, feel attached to girls easily. A little bit acne. Nipples itch from time to time. Low libido. Putting on fat easily If I dont watch out.

My starting protocol will be subq injections of 35mg Test E e2d. Buying aromasin just in case.

My labs before were 10 ng/dl Free Test, Total around 400. Cant remember estrogen, but was in normal range.

I don’t suppose you ever thought that what you are experiencing are Androgen deficiency issues? I would stop worrying about estradiol. Get your Androgen levels optimized and then go from there.

I will see. Already taking 25mg zinc everyday and havent drank alcohol this month. Ill make a post in a month when first effects of trt kick in

Edamame caused this because of the soy content?

Yes… Does it every time I eat them. I have to stay away from soy at all costs.

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