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Food to Bring on the Go


Hey guys, havnt posted in while as I'v been busy with work and trying to apply for college etc. Recently I started a new job as a delivery person helper. I spend a great amount of time out on the road getting up at 6 in the morning starting work at 7 and finishing at 4 or 5 in the evening even sometimes 6. I don't know what to bring with me to eat, what I've been packing is, peanut butter sandwiches and just fruit, granola bars. But I know this isnt enough. Can anyone help me out? Thanks


meat sandwiches... ?


Maybe try blending a big-ass shake in the morning and tossing it in a large thermos. Hard boiled eggs are very calorie-dense with good protein. Jerky is a classic potable protein. Make your own trail mix of nuts, dried fruit, maybe small chunks of jerky. Those individual pouches of tuna (easier to eat on-the-go than cans). Or, like fro said, good ol' sandwiches. Don't get stuck having snacks all day long instead of real meals.

If you can toss some Tupperware into a bag, these meals might work:

More blender bomb shake recipes, and other meals, here:

If you can use a chunk of time once a week to prepare/pre-package several meals and leave them in the fridge ready to grab 'n go, that'll make it so much easier.


I like to cook large batches of hard boiled eggs. Also I used to make large batches of mixed nuts and take bags of that with me as well. Really, pretty much anything you can cook easily in large amounts and take with you in a baggy or container will work. The idea is that you dont have to prepare it in the morning, just bag it and go. I find that a quick milk + whey protein shake makes a decent breakfast on the run.


A cooler, protein shakes.

If you have access to a microwave, you have no problem. Just bring the food with you.

Honestly, it takes me a full day at least a week to cook and prepare for the rest of the week. That is what it takes sometimes.

If you want it, you find a way to do it.


Have no access to a microwave being in a lorry for 7hours a day. But I will find a way, Ill have another look at those links that were left, and I'm going to start bringing shakes aswell as more food


can you get one of those little 12v fridges that plug into the cigarette lighter? you could hook one of those up in the lorry to keep a few cold meals/shakes handy in tupperware containers.


Every day pretty much, I pack up my rice and chicken, in tupperware, with BBQ sauce. Delicious, easy. Helps me meet my intended macros.


Almonds/Mixed nuts
Peanut butter
Meat if you have a microwave or dont mind cold meat.


I usually spend one day on the weekend making tomato+meat sauce, chili, beef curry. During the week I steam vegetables and boil rice. Each day I pair the rice/veggies and meats in 3 or 4 tupperwares and bring them with me. Quantity depends on how many business lunches I have.

I have a giant lunch bag that I fill every day and generally empty every day. I usually throw in some apples, and stuff. Usually stuff doesn't rot over a day, but I do end up eating it cold quite a bit. I guess I just got used to it. Would rather eat cold food made at home with organic ingredients than warm restaurant food most of the time which is loaded with sugar, salt and oil.