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Food Thread


I think it would be nice to have a food thread in PW. One spot where food questions can go. I think food is one thing that does differ between men and women that lift. Being lighter on average means less calories. I think less calories necessitates more creativity.

So, I ask, what did you eat today? There's a lot to steal from each other.

I'll go though my day was not ideal.
M1: Post Cardio
Scrambled - 1 whole egg, .5 cup egg whites, 34g Feta
Coffee - I measure out 1 cup of 2% milk and use that through the day

56g string cheese
1 tbsp Nutella

2 cup Vegetable soup
1 tbsp Nutella <--- I should not buy this stuff too tempting

2 scoop MD blended with a dash of cinnamon
2 baby twix <--- next year I give out not chocolate

.5 cup beans, 50g cheese, 2 tbsp salsa


The candy fucked my carbs. Also if you pick at other aspects of my diet, note that I'm a vegetarian.

What are your noms?


Breakfast - 3 eggs with salsa and a glass of chocolate milk + 2 fish oil

Lunch - chicken on ezekiel bread

Dinner - subway sandwich with cooked green beans(footlong)

Probably will have another glass of milk + fish oil before I go to sleep.

This is a good idea Patch. I eat like a shit and I know it. The above is considered healthy for me. I typically eat a lot of ice cream, cookies, mac and cheese, etc.


Do you know the macros, or cals on this? I should have probably also asked people to include goals.

You count fish oils in you meals? Do you include them in your cals?


Brilliant idea Peaches! Brill!

My food is hella wonky lately but I would like to contribtue this for those of us whp can't be trusted with nut butters (yeah its me)

Barney butter single serving almond butter @ Whole Foods also for sale online.

180 cals
15g fat
7g carbs (3 fiber 3 sugar where did the other one go)
6g protein

Also GREAT for travelling these are $1.19 each @ my Whole Foods


I must sing the praises of Coconut water. Found at Whole Foods and some grocery stores. It is very high in potassium, low in carbs (about 7-15 per serving), and low in calories (about 60). It is yummy, different then regular water and a tasty way to hydrate :slightly_smiling:


eating my breakfast while I read this thread:

1/3 cup of quick cook oates
a scoop of choco protein
a handful of frozen rasperries

just cover with boiled water and stir.

This will be followed by 2-3 cups of coffee.


Oh, this is a fun thread! We're all big eaters here. HAH! And I definitely need to be held accountable!

This is what I had yesterday which is pretty much how I eat when I'm NOT dieting. I need to get back on that deficit eating. grr....

7am - Physical Therapy
9am - 1 Pear (post workout)

3pm - 2 hard boiled eggs

6pm - Training
8pm - 1 medium orange (post workout)

9pm - Salad w/ 2oz rockefort cheese
1 cup broccoli cooked
1 cup green beans cooked
about 3 tbs of olive oil in the entire meal
bout 7 oz of pork
2 cups fage nonfat yogurt with strawberry jam (admittedly this was excessive, but it was so delicious)

Cals 2060
Fat 105
Carbs 169 < eeks!
Protein 118

Also, i don't normally eat fruit post workout, I just happened to run out of whey. That would help bring carbs down.

So now, knowing that I have all these cals in me, today I'll just bring a grapefruit to work for snacktime, do my training in the PM, and then have my usual big dinner at night. That's pretty much how I eat M-F. Sat and Sun I can eat more "normally."


Btw Patch, how the fuck can you have just ONE tbs of Nutella?!?!!? HAH! You must have the will power of a saint!

I seriously have problems.


I have never counted calories. I don't really have goals in regards to my diet/weight. I have this lazy way of organizing my meals. I try to aim for some kind of protein source and a vegetable. Once I do that, I eat whatever the hell I want. I very rarely fluctuate in weight no matter what I do so it's never really mattered to me.

nimain - WOW that's A LOT of coffee lol I'd be going nuts.


Good thread!!!
I think it's fascinating to see how others eat. I'm weird. Shoulda gone to school for dietetics.

So far this morning- 2 cups of coffee.
Currently drinking diet pepsi with pills, yum.

Dang Masch- way to throw down with Dinner!!
I've always been interested to see what your warrior diet looks like

Dani- lucky girl!!


These articles back in the day really taught me a lot about how to 'organize my eating.'



Ohh I'll play! I finally got back to logging my food after eating more junk than usual. My cals and carbs are high and I'm feeling great. I'm not feeling bloated and my muscles feel nice and full.

Meal 1:
2 cinnamon raisin ezekiel toast with pb
1 yogurt cup
1 scoop casein + "fitnutz" pb

Meal 2:
4 oz tilapia
1 cup rice
2 oreos

Meal 3:
clif bar
6 pieces of a cali roll

Meal 4:
hamburger (5.5oz cooked beef)
1 cup kashi granola cereal
.25 cup skim milk

Totals: 2318cals, 61f/297c/165p


Really the only one I can't control is Nutella. Do they have single serve Nutella packets? I'd be all over that shit.

I tried all the non-peanut butters a while ago and didn't like any of them, hmmm maybe I should make a run back through them.


LOVE this idea Patches! I just started logging my food again and can't remember who mentioned it here but I read someone uses livestrong.com so I'm trying that.

I have a bad time with binge eating so maybe this will keep me accountable as well.

yesterday wasn't great just cuz my daytime eating was so poorly managed.

breakfast-protein bar, 2 cups coffee w/ non dairy creamer
lunch-protein bar
dinner-wendy's plain baked potato, large chili, side salad

struggled HARD with cravings last night. Almost went to the store and bought pizza rolls and ice cream. I went to bed instead :frowning:


Have you ever tried golden oreos? I give you mad props for only eating two cookies...my parents live next door to me and thats what they keep in the cookie jar. I can easily eat 12 before anyone even knows it :frowning:


Tracking programs! Great topic to discuss OMO.

I use myfitnesspal. I love it, it's online, but I mostly use it on my phone. It has a feature where you can just scan the barcode of what you're eating (assuming it has a bar code) and it automatically put all the details in your log. It eliminates a lot of typing.


I feel like I'm the only person to NOT have an iphone or droid or whatever but when I was looking at the available tracking option on your phone through livestrong i actually considered finally upgrading lol!

I did weight watchers to lose all my weight in the first place so i'm used to tracking food...but its not something i love doing. Sometimes I wish I was a normal person without food issues. Either that or sometimes I wish I didn't half ass my eating disorder...I've got the binge part down....now if only i could purge lol! j/k


They were actually the two faced ones, or whatever they're called (one choc cookie, one golden). Never had the regular golden ones though.

The oreos were at work and I had to have a couple. I have a major sweet tooth and I try not to keep that stuff around the house.


Food at work kills me...and I hear ya on not keeping stuff at the house. I can't manage sweets or peanut butter like a normal person.


The BJJ crowd is really really into coconut water.

What's your overall foods like Ronda? You're diabetic, right?