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Food... The Bad Stuff You Crave

I beat Cappy to it. I guess I have too much time on my hands, but here goes.

Here we are, pretty much over 35, some of us in our 40’s, other’s like me approaching 50, still there are others in their 50’s and beyond. We are working out, training hard, watching our diets, getting our hormones regulated, and charting our lifts. Otherwise we are engaging in a healthy lifestyle, returning to a healthier physical state, or fueling the fires of competition.

BUT, I suspect there was a time when most of us were less disciplined with our training, lifestyle, and diets. I for one, DAMN SURE put a lot of bad stuff in my body for a LONG time!!

So here it is, What were your junk food failings? What were your weakness then and your craving now?

I have distinct categories. and I’ll start with breakfast. For 14 years, 6 days a week at 5.am I ate breakfast at the same little greasy spoon. We called it the Y, (because it was located at a y in the highway) its given name was the trading post. A retired mess sergeant was the cook. Most days I would eat a sausage wrap. Which is a link of local whole hog sausage, on a piece of loaf bread and mustard. 3 with a cup of coffee was the standard. Many days it would be 3 wraps and a bacon egg cheese on toast sandwich. Often it may be 2 sandwiches and 3 wraps. Saturday was plate day, eggs and cheese, ham, red eye gravy, grits, and toast. Plus the 3 wraps for the ride…

That is a far cry from my oatmeal and yogurt of today.

I long for a Bill’s hotdog with white chili. There is a little barbecue stand out here called Bunn’s. They make a cornbread sandwich that is cornbread, bbq slaw and dipped in the vinegar pepper sauce. Yes its EASTERN NC BBQ which is vastly different from western NC BBQ. I miss the cheeseburgers at Oliver’s in Conway SC. They use 1/2 lb square burgers and slop on the slaw and chili. The stuff runs down your arms and you need a spoon to eat the topping s that slip out. El’s in Morehead City has a mean cheese burger and shrimp burger. The car hops are all in their 60’s but they can WALK a 4 minute mile with 7 orders…

But I will admit I miss 2 dinner places. One is the finest food I have ever eaten. Galatoire’s on Bourbon St in New Orleans. It’s and old line, old school, local’s restaurant. The seafood is fantastic, beef filets are so tender you don’t need a knife. Order a bourbon and water the waiter brings you a tall glass of bourbon and ice and says “The water is on the table”.

Closer to home, I’m waiting for the Oyster Bar to open for the season. All I eat now is crabmeat and steamed oysters. The beer is the coldest in 7 counties, so I don’t pass on that either. I long for a fried plate of shrimp, oysters, and flounder. I could eat 7 pounds of their fried shrimp today…

Ok I have confessed my gluttony. Anyone care to follow in Willy’s footsteps? Now y’all know how I topped out at 297 a few years ago…

Guess I’ll plan for my salad at lunch.

Pastries, if fresh I have zero control. One is never enough.

For the most part I ate very clean. I however learned to cook at a very early age.

[quote]j_willy3 wrote:
I beat Cappy to it. I guess I have too much time on my hands, but here goes.

So here it is, What were your junk food failings? What were your weakness then and your craving now?[/quote]

Thanks for starting this thread! I’m especially interested in what the cravings/failings are now. IMO, yesterday is water under the bridge. So what still trips your trigger? Where and when are you most likely to fall down and worship the God of junk?


Here you go Cappy,

Bills hotdogs, Bunn’s cornbread sandwich, Fried seafood, and pizza and pasta.

I eat pasta sparingly, usually once a month then I eat some kind of organic spelt funky stuff. I can avoid fried seafood and get my fix with it broiled.

Stress…I’m a stress eater first. I am a grazer during times of boredom or low activity. So I eat cheese, peanut butter, really dark chocolate, and bacon.

drug rep brought a great lunch today. I’m eating a lobster roll as i sit and type with my free hand. i have choc cream pie for desert. i really like this rep.

Cutting the absolute junk out has been easy. No candy bars, ice cream, chips, etc. Pasta’s been a challenge, as has jasmine rice. Making myself eat more vegetables has been tough, making myself find ways to do it.

Giving up Dr. Pepper has been like kicking heroine, without the violent gastric distress.

[quote]ecogenx wrote:
drug rep brought a great lunch today. I’m eating a lobster roll as i sit and type with my free hand. i have choc cream pie for desert. i really like this rep.[/quote]

you sir, suck mightily…just sayin’

hope you get that roll all over your tie.

Willy, great post…

A few years ago when I first started training, I was big on lifting and very short on nutrition. After a hard morning of working out, I would go to the store and get a 24 oz bottle of Coke and two packages of Hostess Cupcakes (the three in a package size).

I am a little smarter now but I still have my temptations. As I have mentioned on this log before, my wife’s chocolate chip cookies are my biggest obstacle. I can easily sit down and finish off twelve to fifteen cookies at a time.

Also, full strength Coke is my biggest enemy. I grew up on Coke as a kid and there are times when I have a Coke and the taste brings back a lot of great childhood memories. When times are really good or really bad, I always return to the Coke habit…

Triple Whoppers with a large milkshake and fries.

Maple bars.

I love jelly danishes too.

Front of my shirt is all wet now…


None of this light crap, or gelato, or yogurt stuff that is all the rage in SoCal. . .

Haagen-Dazs deep chocolate peanut butter (available only at full-size H-D stores, fortunately I have 3 close by)

Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream

Choctal San Dominican (very rich chocolate)

Trader Joe’s or Kirkland Signature vanilla – great with my homemade berry cobbler, or fresh hot chocolate chip cookies. These are a great value too, lots of cals per dollar!

I used to indulge in ice cream every single day. Somewhere along the line I lost my superhero metabolism, so right now it’s just once a week.

I got up to 190lbs on Trader Joe’s vanilla once, starting from 165. Eating it every night and wasn’t training at the time. Lovely, great tasting, insidious stuff.

I’ve been eating pretty clean since my first pregnancy last century, but I do enjoy the following foods once in a while for a cheat meal:

Philly cheesesteak
Sausage and pepper sub
Pepperoni pizza
Pulled pork on a hard roll
Any kind of good barbecue meats
Sweet potato fries
Southern fried chicken
New York cheesecake
Homemade ice cream
Pancakes with butter and real maple syrup

But my downfall has always been beer. There’s no better carbohydrate on earth.

Remi’s Crawdad’s, corn on de cob, slaw wit de taters
Gibson’s bar-b-que
Mama’s homemade bratwurst
All the wife’s adobos
Oysters,vinegar, an tabasco. Use to be down En Ville (New Orleans for all you up de bayou) the best damn oyster bar in the world. They took the oysters off the boat, cut them, slap them on your tray.

Hot dogs, with chili or slaw, onions an peepers
Sister-in-laws Tamales and breakfast burritos
Any kind merecage (seafood, somehow came from fruits du mer if your reading Geech)
All the above with the coldest tap beer you can get.

Ok, I’m going to stop now. I can go on an on and I’m droolin right now. Still got to lift tonight.

SUGAR, I get major cravings for sugar. I must say though, I am one of the few that can eat it. Dr. Pepper is my all time favorite sugar fix. Having a fast metabolism, an energy intense job and the love for intense aerobic activities, I just burn that shit up. I am able to keep the cravings down to a minimum by eating complex carbs.

Pasta sauce with bacon
European hot dogs
Pizza, spicey
Pancake butter and real maple syrup(lots)
Homemade (mine) bannana cream pie, apple pie, rhubarb strawberry pie and oatmeal, coconut choc. chip cookies.
Real Ice cream

“Fig Newmans” of all things.

Those and pizza.

And ice cream.

Oh, and tortilla chips.

Did I mention the Fig Newmans?

And peanut butter pretzels.


ecogenx-- Re: Lobster Roll – Only in New England!!

[quote]ecogenx wrote:
drug rep brought a great lunch today. I’m eating a lobster roll as i sit and type with my free hand. i have choc cream pie for desert. i really like this rep.[/quote]

You sir, should best be described as a sorry…

Nope I’m not going there. It’s my damn fault I chose a profession that a good lunch from a salesman is Vienna Sausages, Potted Meat, Beanie Weenies and Saltine crackers…

/me looks at this thread and whimpers

beer and ruffles potato chips

I found the steak fajita melts from Taco Bell tasty as hell.

The pizza buffet at Pizza Hut, occasionally I will indulge myself, but it doesn’t happen often anymore.

I got on Pizza Hut’s site and saw that if you gorge on about 10 pieces of pizza you’ll rack up about 4500 calories in one meal, most of it carbs.