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Food that Increases the Levels of HGH Naturally


Hi guys.Im new here.
I was searching for some information about food that increases the level of HGH naturally.Can u help me?I
m not looking for miracles just been curious about it and would like to try them.
SO can u tell me which food(a list probably would be good:) increases the levels of HGH>
cheers guys


What the fuck is this abomination!?


curiosity my friend :slight_smile: it never hurts to know more about everything :wink:


At least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

You would figure this out if you typed it into google.



I don`t need to type it in google,I already know it.
And I was asking for some food :wink: Thanks for ur post though.


lift, eat, sleep, repeat until desired effect


There are no foods that increase HGH, only sleep, intense exercise and fasting. Actually so does all food surpress HGH, if am not mistaken


Some amino's can raise HGH, Glycine being one.

I can't find the link but I read it can raise level's by 300%. That's around 5g pre-bed.

Of course it's just claim :slight_smile:


6 grams vitamin b6 a day


600mg not 6000mg, 6 grams of b6 would probably cause a lot of nerve problems


carrots and dominican republic avocados


Probably fish-oil, buy some Flameout and BCAA. You won't notice any firsthand changes from food alone, HGH does not work that way unless you inject it.


Season your steaks with a Jintropin dry rub.


complete fasting increases natural HGH output. you can read all about it when you purchase my new e-book: "Total Starvation for HYOOOGE GAINZ!!"

In all seriousness, you're looking for something that likely does not exist. and even if it did, the chance that eating more of that certain food will have any measurable effect of your physique is zero.


Lycopine is the secret. Try putting ketchup on everything you eat for a few weeks. You should be huge in no time.





spinach. specifically canned spinach.






I think I have read the same claim regarding glutamine. Whether it works or not who knows