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Food Tablets

Heya peeps

I’m new to the forums though I discovered this site a few months ago…

I’m in search of a good, reliable food tablets but just can’t find one…
so I thought it might be a good idea to ask over here where can I find one over the net.


I might just be a little slow, but what the fuck is a Food tablet?


(Sorry, I haven’t a clue what a food tablet is. Diggestive aid?)

I hope you don’t mean a pill that contains a perfect meal. That’s science fiction.

I mean think about it. For massive eating, picture what you need to eat to get the number of calories necessary in the day. Picture a pile of a whole day’s worth of food on one giant plate. Now figure out how to get that physical mass into something the size of a pill.

Not happenin’

Heh sorry about my poor English skills…

When I wrote food tablets I meant tablets that contains various nutritional facts on food, Carbs, Proteins, Fats etc…
I didn’t mean pills or anything like that
I probably phrased it bad or used a wrong name for it… sorry


I guess fish oils in capsules would be a good place to start.

Ha ha no worries.

Here’s one:

And another:

He means a table, not a tablet.

A nutritional facts table.

www.nutritiondata.org :slight_smile:

ahh… glad I didn’t start too soon on the sarcasm! tablet = papers or articles!

lots of good stuff by Dr. Lowry and Dr. Berardi on this site and JB’s.

good luck!