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Food scales.


Just had to share this little find that has saved me a load of time and head aches.

I weigh out all my foods and supplements to know exactly what I am getting. I used one of those manual needle type scales for the longest time. It worked but was a pain in the neck trying to read the damn thing.

I decided to buy a digital food scale. They were all started between $40-$50 and up from there. Thats when I thought of office suppy stores. They have postal scales that are the same thing. Measure ounces and grams, and also the tare feature so you can measure multiple ingredients on top of each other. I was able to pick it up on sale for $19. The difference being that it doesnt have that fufu kitchen designer look to it. It has more of the T-man industrial look. It works great, and saves a load of time.


Very true, Phill. For Canadians, check out http://www.canadianweigh.com/

Most standard kitchen scales won't last.


I have read that inexpensive digital scales can be off by quite a bit. At a reading of 4 grams, for example, it can be anywhere from 3.001 to 4.999 grams. My question is, to what extent does this affect the caloric value of the food being weighed and, more importantly, what affect does this have on body composition. My cheap scale measures in 2 gram increments only, so mine could really be inaccurate. I'm just curious how others work around this annoyance.



Great link CGB I ordered a Phoenix Body Fat Scale and an iScale. Both look awsome, good prices too. Thanks for the heads up.