Food Scale

Hey, what type of food scale is the best to purhcase and what brand would you guys suggest? Also, where can I find one? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I can’t remember what kind mine is but I purchased it at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Go to Office Max and pick up the $30 digital scale by Sunbeam (it’s in the postal section). It weighs in both ounces and grams (.1 oz and 1 g increments) and goes up to 5kg. I love mine.

I know this thread is a little old, but I was searching for info on food scales as I am interested in getting one. Is the Sunbeam accurate or should I get a Tanita or some other kind?

Yes, it’s accurate and inexpensive. I have thoroughly enjoyed using it since I picked one up.

Thanks, gonna go get one today.

Thanks Joel!!

I just bought one of these last night and it makes cooking sooooo much easier and faster.

I almost dropped 100+ on a Tanita…Glad I searched first!!

I have the same scale as Joel. Works great!

That’s a great idea, Joel! I never thought of that. I’ve been using the old-school version that you pick up at the grocery store.

I might just have to treat myself to the next higher caliber model.

Any Canucks on here that can suggest a model and maybe a place to buy one up here? The one I have is atrocious. Do you think Staples or Office Depot would stock the Sunbeam model mentioned here?

CGB, I got mine from Office Depot. They had several different kinds.

Thanks Kim. I’ll check Business Depot out this week.

For Canucks go to
they’ve got tons of scales. I got mine there. They’re in Vancouver.

cliffhanger, many thanks for the link. Have you purchased a scale through these guys? They have some nice products. I’m considering the i5000 kitchen scale with a bowl and 11 pound capacity. Any thoughts?

Ya I bought the 3001T from these guys. Good price. It goes up to 6lbs and weighs in all kinds of units. I’m not going to eat more than 6lbs of anything at one time so thought that was enough.
They were pretty fast about shipping.
I think the i5000 would be a great unit. I sometimes wish I had a bowl on mine but just improvise and use the tare button to cancel out it’s weight.

Is that Sunbeam still working well for the owners? I may to by Office Depot this week.