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Food Scale Recommendations

Anyone have any recommendations for reliable food scales?

What features matter to you?

I have a Beurer KS19. It’s not as sensitive as I’d like around the first few grams which matters when measuring powders and such. It’s coated with glas which makes it easy to clean but it also makes the tare function finicky. It can only weigh up to 5 kilos, so you wouldn’t be able to put your Dutch oven on it and weigh whatever you toss into it.

I watch a lot of cooking shows and the Globe GPS 10 seems to be a staple in many kitchens, seemingly the plate which you put your food on is detachable. This makes for easy cleaning I reckon. I’ve also seen people wrap that part of the scale with saran wrap. Same Dutch oven problem though.

Thanks man!

I’m looking for something that’s pretty accurate, easy to clean, and easy to stowaway every night or potentially travel with.

I’ve been using this one for 6 years now. Works amazing. Easy to sanitize. Super reliable. Not sure if you can still find this exact one, but a similar one with a glass top and touch sensitive buttons is what you want for cleanliness. If you want less dishes like me, You can put raw chicken or whatever straight on it, then just clean up with some disinfecting cleaner. Measures down to 1g accurately.


Another suggestion. Make sure to get one that takes good ol’ AA or AAA batteries. Last thing you want is to have it die and then need to find watch batteries or charge it with a phone charger or something. Batteries in mine will last 1-2 years

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Just sharing, but I usually put a piece of Saran wrap over mine each time I use it.

I put the serving plate on, then press tare so the scale ignores the weight of the plate. For stuff like pb, I tare the entire container and look at the negative value as I scoop