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Food Sauces


Lately, I have been eating all my foods with Prego pasta sauce. This has worked wonders, and I piratically eat all my food with this (chicken, ground beef, ground turkey, ham, etc.). The problem is, Prego is relatively high in sodium and sugars. The flip side of the matter is it has a decent amount of fiber in it. With my meals, I am consuming 2.5 cups of this stuff daily. Do I have anything I should worry about? Is there any alternatives that are better for you?



They make a "no added" sugar sauce. Or you can make your own sauce.


you can als look at keto sauces aswell


As mentioned above, check for some sauces that have no added sugar. There are brands available, and with olive oil. That's a bonus.


How much sugar is in it, and what's one serving?

Is it enough to worry about?

I used to do that too. It made everything taste better, especially when I got sick of eating so much meat.

I couldn't take all the acid reflux though. I even get it (acid reflux) with pizza.


I currently eat about 5 tablespoons of ketchup a day, with my chicken breast. I know It is good to limit it cause of the HFCS, would it be a good idea to switch to a sugar free sauce as mentioned above?


Are you a lard-ass? Or are you bulking? If the former, ditch the Prego. If the latter, eat whatever you want, as long as you get the requisite amounts of protein and total calories.
Don't sweat the sodium- hard training individuals need more than Joe Public.