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Food Quirks?


I like mushrooms but not cooked, only raw in a salad.

Don't think I am too picky but that might change if I think about it :stuck_out_tongue:

What are your quirks?


When my friend drinks alcohol (almost any, juice-vodka especially), he acquires a beautiful purple-red tone on his face.

He's apparently alergic to some sweeteners that are commonly found in packaged drinks (even wine!).

Not a quirk, just sharing an anecdote with you all.


With most of my breakfasts, I'll cook myself 3 eggs over medium. I rarely manage to get all 3 yolks unbroken by the time they're done, and that makes me a sad panda.


liver sausage, american cheese, mayo, bread.

I could eat 3-4 of those in a sitting if its in the fridge.

also, it seems I can't open the fridge without eating some kind of fruit. Either a couple cherries, couple grapes, couple blue berries or whatever. I just can't stop. I don't really care, but I don't I've opened this fridge once this summer and not eaten some small berry/fruit with whatever else I'm grabbing.


Cast iron pan? Butter? Metal spatula?


I refuse to eat anything that is soggy bread - french dip, stuffing, etc. It is my own personal fingernails on the chalkboard.


Raw carrots (raw veggies in general), shaved coconut and whole grain bread. they make me gag.

I can do cooked carrots, carrot juice - even baby carrots if I can dip it in something.

I know why I'm fucked up about the whole grain bread and the veggies - My mother, bless her soul (NOT!!!), used to beat me, starve me then force feed me vegetables, sometimes locking me in a room for days at a time when I didn't eat what she wanted me to. I ended up throwing it up every time. Now I just can't eat it with out gagging.

Haven't figured out about the shaved coconut though, weird, huh?


I'm with you, man. Shaved coconut just tastes like sawdust to me.


I eat my oatmeal at breakfast with a teaspoon so it takes longer to finish.


Mayonnaise revolts me to the point that I shudder just thinking about it. It's the devil's jism.

Elusive - I always eat puddings or breakfast food with a teaspoon. I can't bear the feel of a larger spoon against my teeth.


When I eat any kind of rice or pasta dish that has meat, the last bite HAS to be all meat. According to my mom I get this from my dad.


Eggs must come out of the carton such that it is always balanced, most of the weight is on the outside and the centroid is in the middle, or if there is an uneven number of eggs (which is to be avoided, because it's just not right) it has to balance as close to the centre as possible.

The next bread slice has to come from an even number of slices in so that there are matching pairs of slices leading up to the missing pieces.

Waffles must have butter in every square (that's not really a quirk, that's just good sense)

My obsession with odd/even or needing number patterns or balanced distribution(by weight, colour or pattern) in my meals (ie one egg, two bacon, 3 sausages, 4 pieces of toast) drove my mom crazy growing up. She had to convince me that peas were not whole units and I had to count them by tens because 4 peas was not acceptable for vegetables with dinner.

Before eating Smarties, they must be sorted and arranged like a bar graph in ascending order.

I don't do this quite as much anymore.


If I have different things on my plate, I have to eat them in a cycle. I can't eat just one of the things, and move on to the next. Gotta be a little of one, then move onto the next, and repeat.


I cannot stand Ketchup (or is it Catsup?), Coffee, Shellfish or Mint.

The smell of those make me nauseated. What's weird is that I cannot stand the smell of ketchup, but if someone puts it on meatloaf and cooks it. I'm all about it.


When I eat pasta (Besides noodles or spaghetti) I always have to have an even amount on the fork.


I can't drink a cold glass of milk.
Lattes are fine, even if they're essentially a hot glass of milk that's had incidental contact with coffee, but cold milk makes me gag. I can't ever put milk in my cereal.

Also, Gatorade (or other brightly dyed soda or sports drinks -- food isn't meant to be neon blue!) Anything "grape flavored."


Are you MAD??? There is not a scent in existence finer than freshly brewed coffee. And I thought I was crazy.


Oh God where do I start?

  1. Anything with too much butter insults me. A glob of butter will hide a plethora of culinary sins
  2. Overly zealous waiters trying to sell me a dish they have not a clue about its construction
  3. Salads tossed with an insulting amount of dressing
  4. Arugula soiled with anything else but lemon juice and olive oil
  5. Americanized "traditional" cuisine of any culture (3lb tacos, every meat but giraffe lasagna, "WTF is this" curries just mention a few)
  6. Fish Tacos....

I could go on for a while.


The scent of a woman still by my side in the morning trumps all that. Now, if said woman is making me breakfast in a thong while coffee is brewing...well now thats the Alpha and the Omega of all scents.


I'm with you on the eggs and the smarties, I also have to eat weetabix in multiples of two or preferably four, as I get really agitated if there's an odd number left in the packet of 12.