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Food Poisoning

I had a lacrosse game friday night a few hours from home. we had a game scheduled the next morning that was pretty close the the location of friday nights game, so most of the team stayed the night at a hotel. after fridays game we went to the hotel, dropped of our gear and went out to get some dinner.

the team decided to go to applebees. I had a pretty decent sized burger, and a few of my friend’s wings that he couldn’t finish. we sat around there for a while, and eventually headed back to the hotel. when we got back I started feeling shitty.

I threw up the first time after getting back to the room, and it wasn’t much. I figured I’d just overeaten a bit. about a half hour later it hit me hard. I probably threw up 8-9 times over the course of 6 hours. When I ran out of food to puke, I started losing digestive juices, then I got to dry-heaves. I got no sleep, and there was no way I was playing in that mornings game.

I called my mom, who drove up to pick me up and bring me home. I got a text a few hours later from one of my other defensemen telling me that we got a thorough beating. I later found out the final score was 18-4.

Tuesday is the game against our rival. I’m a senior starter and I absolutely have to be there. if i’m not I’ll be replaced by either an inexperienced sophomore, or a freshman who has no right to be on a varsity field. If i’m not there were going to have a soft spot in the defense and were going to let up a lot of goals.

I can hold down some foods and most liquids, but I’ve got a killer headache, and I get nauseous when I stand up. I need advice on how to get field-ready in 2 days.