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Food Poisoning Rebound


Hey, just got over a terrible bout with food poisoning. Lost 18 pounds in 24 hours from vomiting, etc. Finally am keeping water down and drinking some gatorade for the electrolytes and to start getting some calories back in.

I play flanker in rugby and am looking to try to regain the weight I lost, as well as regain lost nutrients etc by my game early saturday. Im normally about 230, I weighed in at 212.1 lbs an hour ago.

Anyone have any advice for gaining weight back after food poisoning?


Don't you think that will happen just by returning to normal eating/hydrating? It's not like you lost any fat or muscle in those 24 hours.


It isn't rocket science. Just start eating again. Once you get back on track eating you'll gain it back no problem.


Basically, you are no longer full of crap (grin). Eat, drink and be merry and your gut will soon be full of it again.


18 LBS!!!!!!! In a day how is that possible? Any way my advice is make sure your completely fine before returning back to eating normally.


Yep. I had salmonella poisoning once and lost 15lbs in a day. It's just about all water weight, since your body is unable to retain any food or water for an extended period of time.