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Food Poisoning Conspiracy






Actually I posted it in the Nutrition Forum.


is soilent green people? tonight at 11.


Alex Jones? No thanks. Conspiracy idiot.




And yet I continue to live. Amazing.


What about the next generations? have you thought about that?


No, I haven't. Mainly because I don't live in fear that everyone is out to control my mind and poison my body.


Have you thought about The Original Series?


I agree with you on the mind thing, but the food poisoning is a big issue. Because this is how they create new diseases, by poisoning our food. maybe it wont affect us, but it will definitely affect our children. That I fear!!


You are a funny dude.


"Ha-ha" or "peculiar"? Either one works for me.



The simple fact that Alex Jones is talking about means it's not going to happen.

Same way if anything is discussed on "Coast to Coast" you know it's not going to happen.


I watched the video and Jones says that some vegetables were tested and they were "filled with mercury".

Really? Filled with mercury? I want to see him bite into one and I want to see the damned T-1000 pour out of that tomato.


You only have to look at Alex Jones to know that he's the type of guy who treats his body like a temple.


If a kid in my class comes up to me and tells me they're really scared that there is a monster in their closet, I can tell them with complete honesty that there isn't one. Yet the kid will still think there is one again that night.

If you are afraid that the Illuminati are putting chemicals in our food to control us it's the exact same story.


Exactly this. It took me a while to learn this but there is literally NO reasoning with these people. No matter what evidence you bring forth they will still hold strong. I have entirely stopped debating with them.


I doubt Jones himself believes this. He rails on fluoride in the video but his father is a dentist, and there was a pretty telling licking of lips when he opened those chicken Mcnuggets.

Looks to me like he is trying to undermine the government by spreading hysteria about contaminated food. He is apparently a libertarian, so it's not so much the fact that he believes this; rather he wants to spread the message that the government can't be trusted. Plus you've got to make a living somehow.