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Food Plan for a Fat Man

ok, so a guy have recently been helping out in the gym, 6’0, 180lbs gives me a diet plan he’s knocked up between a few websites.

He used to weigh around 210lbs of pure flabalanche, went on a low/zero carb and low fat diet, cut himself right down to around 170lbs and then worked on building up. Yep, that way of doing it sucked but that is not the point i am making.

Now he has tried my diet for 4 weeks but at a lower calorie base but he cannot tolerate high carbs like me.
And also more than 2500 calories a day he does start layering on fat rather quickly, but that was with a split of 45% carb, 40%protein and 15% fat.

So, here goes his new diet that he wants me to tweak, but is a little out of my territory.

meal 1
2 eggs, 3 whites
1 scoop whey
50g oatmeal
4 fish oil caps

meal 2

2 scoops milk and egg protein
1 tbsp peanut butter

meal 3

2 chicken breasts
200g veg
2 tbsp peanut butter

meal 4
1 scoop milk and egg protein
2 boiled eggs

meal 5 (pre-workout)
2 scoops whey

meal 6 (post-workout)
2 scoops whey
2 bananas or 70g malto-dextrose powder

meal 7
175g lean beef
200g veg
1 tbsp peanut butter

meal 8

1 scoop milk and egg protein
120g cottage cheese
peanut butter
4 fish oil caps

now as he has reckoned this, it is around 2800 calories which he is hoping if he can cope with this without horrendous fat gain then we can up the calories and see if he can grow more.

I have explained that fat gain is inevitable for most when trying to grow which he has accepted but obviously we wish to control just how much.

Any suggestions are welcomed, i personally dont like him being so low on carbs so am thinking of suggesting a carb up day maybe every 5 days to begin with and can be adjusted.


Well that diet looks really clean but I cant imagine him gaining a pound on 2800 calories a day maby some strenth but no muscle! Hes gona need at least 3500 on lifting days! Definaly from good carbs and fat! Maby he sould use that diet on non lifting days!

Add 1/2 a cup of whole grain rice to meal 3 and 7 and maby add 1 extra egg with meal 1 and 4. Also add some peanut butter before bed! Thats an extra 500 or so calories! Only add this stuff on lifting days! Hopefully this wont put to much fat on him but he needs those calories if he wants to grow new muscle tissue! Good luck!

I like it so far and I agree with your thoughts on adding a carb day.

It’s hard to critique his diet because I’m not exactly sure how his body responds. Like you said calories, etc can be tweaked as well as carb intake.

He sure is getting a lot of peanut butter. He might want to opt for other nuts every now and then just to keep himself from getting bored. lol I’d also drop the peanut butter in meal 8 just because I think he is having enough of it throughout the day and the shake/cc/fish oil should be plenty before bed IMO.

From what I see it looks fine.


No I use to be FFB and I can’t tolerate carbs like my normal buddies. I carb cycle so that keeps my fat boy genes in check.